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Singles therapy

Not too long ago I was recognised in the The Sun newspaper as being one of the most sought after sex and relationship therapist in the UK, assisting Shane Warne does have its benefits. My first article written by me was in fact about Shane and his dating antics which were published all over the… Continue reading Singles therapy

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Keys to happiness

Much research has been done to find out exactly what makes us happy and fill content, and what puts that smile on our face. The father of psychology Martin Seligman has come up with something called PERMA which is straightforward and achievable by most people. POSITIVE EMOTION How often do you feel gratitude, peace, pleasure,… Continue reading Keys to happiness

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Why you need to take a break from your relationship

We have all had those moments when we have said to ourselves our partner is driving us crazy, so why do we not take a break? Taking a break from your relationship has a bad reputation, yet it could save your relationship in the long run. The first thing most people think when their partner… Continue reading Why you need to take a break from your relationship

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Many people ask me if there is such a thing as SEX addiction, yes there is. Sex addiction is also known as hyper-sexuality and it can take over someone's life and can have serious consequences because of the risks one will take to get their fix. It is a condition where an individual cannot manage… Continue reading SEX ADDICTION

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You have heard of food plates for your inner health, therfore use this template for your mental health. 

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The Live Vagina Facelift

The First Vagina Facelift

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Vagina Rejuvenation¬†-A facelift for the vagina

Over the last 20 years cosmetic surgery has risen at a substantial rate for both men and women who are wanting to maintain their youthful appearance, yet there is one area that provides both sexual and emotional satisfaction for women which is being ignored. The female sex area is one place that needs to be… Continue reading Vagina Rejuvenation¬†-A facelift for the vagina