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My previous post for “Helpmeimdating” introduced my followers to online dating and how to do it safely. In this post, I reveal the online dating sites I recommend, why and what type of people they are best for.


Now as you probably know, I am a very open-minded and forthright woman. I find honesty is absolutely the best policy. I call it as I see it – every time, and without exception. So, here goes!

When I was asked to write about different dating sites available online, my mind went into overdrive. I recalled the many online dating sites I have used over the years, with generally disastrous and often hilarious results, and the odd positive exception.

Coincidentally, one of my earliest & limited positive experiences of online dating comes to mind as I am writing this post aboard a flight from Hong Kong back to Perth – the very route I took almost 6 years ago to visit a lovely man I had met on a website called, ‘Sugar Daddie’

His name was Matthew, a 53-year-old American/Chinese man who was based in Hong Kong. We had planned for me to stop over on my way to Perth and meet for 3 nights on my way to what was intended as a 3 week holiday in the remote Western Australian capital.

Well, as my followers will know, that 3 weeks has now turned into 6 years… I never went back to Matthew in Hong Kong.

Yes, I felt bad. But Hong Kong, a city 20 times more hectic than the London I had just escaped, just wasn’t for me. But trust me, I have no regrets in using or meeting Matthew come to that.

At that stage of my life, he & Hong Kong were just not for me. After escaping a financially comfortable but ultimately controlling and damaging relationship, I was intent on seeking a partner who made me feel safe, secure, happy and content.

I Preferred Dating Older Men

At the time, I preferred older men – well up to the age of 60, now I’m 41 – as it happens, I still do – provided they’re young at heart!

So, after a string of false starts using traditional dating methods – parties, bars, pubs, introductions from friends, even my old school alumni & dog-eared address book(s) etc…  I went in my search for my Mr Right online.

I started with sugardaddie, as it had been recommended to me as a way to meet the more mature and stable partner I was seeking.

However, whilst my early experience with Matthew was positive, these days I would not go near the site as my attitude has changed, particularly after my encounter with Randall AKA PI Magnum I mentioned in my previous article.

The Best Online Dating Sites

There are literally hundreds of online dating sites and more are popping up weekly. So it’s very difficult hard to stay on top – no pun intended – of which site suits you.

Ultimately, of course, that all depends on what your’e looking for. So, it’s probably a good idea at the outset of your online dating journey to surf the net awhile – take a look at a range of sites – and “suck it and see” – again, no pun intended!

But be warned – I registered with one dating site in the UK some 9/10 years ago and although I never paid for any kind of membership they still use my profile, and I am inundated with junk mail, including membership fee discounts if I go back.

Be Committed In Your Search

I also think it’s worthwhile giving some thought at the outset on how much you want to spend looking for love and how much does finding Mr Right mean to you?

I say this because researching the many dating sites there actually are online makes Wikipedia look like the prologue of a very long book!

And the range of types of site available is enormous. There are websites for people of all types and preferences – for all walks of life, bank balances, nationality, taste in music, college and university, personality, and men for men, and women for women, and any combination of the same!

Weird Dating Sites

There are dating sites matched to your mobile phone provider, and even one to the American politician “Bernie Sanders” – whether it’s the real Bernie Sanders who aspires to become President or not, it’s certainly an intriguing prospect!

My Top Dating Sites For Love & Sex

Here are my top dating sites for love, sex and much more. The internet is host to many online dating sites so here I have listed just a few!

Dating Sites For Love

For love I used “eHarmony” and “”. I found these sites offered what they advertised. On the positive side, they featured some great looking guys.


But I must admit none of them met my criteria such that I wanted to follow through. On the mixed benefits side, it’s free to join – but if you want to send and receive messages it will cost you.


This is probably the most successful site of them all, at least in terms of the highest success rate in long last relationships. But, of course, success is often relative; & again, depends on what you are looking for.


For those inclined to a more scientific approach to love. The site matches singles based on key compatibility dimensions (aka likes and values) supposedly proved as the foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

By all means give it a whirl in your search for the test-tube warranted Mr (Ms or M) Right – but be warned, this is the site that still inundates me with emails after 10 years absence!)

Casual Dating Sites

And, of course, there are literally thousands of sites that have a focus on sex – whether for the seriously lovelorn looking for a long-term relationship, the Saturday Romeo (or Juliet) looking for a meaningless adventure, or the sexually curious looking to try something new – it’s all there online.

For straight forward sex, no strings attached then go for sex dating sites: Adult friend finder and Tinder.tinderitsamatch

If it’s no-strings-attached sexual dating you’re after, then Seeking arrangement and Sugardaddie are probably the best for you. They’re generally high-end dating; will most likely lead to sex; and sometimes even to lasting relationships.

I have even heard of some marriages. (As an aside, I really do have some belly bursting stories from my dating experiences with sugardaddie – but that will have to wait for my next post. Stay tuned!)

Adult friend finder

As the name suggests, you can find pretty much anything here of interest to mutually consenting adults. A site definitely for the over 18 and sexually confident. It’s free to join but you have to pay to add your phone number and contact details.

Tinder Dating

Oh dear – Tinder – where do I start?!? Firstly, this has to be the most accessed dating site of 2015. You simply swipe left for “no” and right for “yes” – so it’s perfect for the young IT literate of us. It’s based entirely on looks.

I suspect 99% of users do so to hook up for casual sex – it is estimated the majority of people using the site meet and are in bed having sex within 1 day! And I have heard stories of 30 minutes!!

I’ve also heard of babies being conceived through such encounters, with Amazon jumping on the bandwagon in producing toddlers clothes with the slogan “I am a tinder baby”!!! Enough said.

Seeking arrangement

The title says it all, and yes I have used this site before. But I hasten to add I certainly didn’t use it to seek financial gain from a well-known Australian cricketer like some I could name! I used it to try to find a partner who met my criteria – one of the benefits of the site.

seeking-arrangement-homeWhen I tried it back in 2005 it was more used as a site for finding a dinner date – albeit with a suggestion of the possibility of romance in the future. I openly admit to being one of the world’s worst cooks, so I was happy to find a way to dine with classy men, who were happy to pay the bill in order to enjoy my scintillating company at the table.

To be honest, without this site I probably would have starved. Nowadays,to be frank, and based solely on recent newspaper reports, I don’t recommend it unless you’re looking to be paid or pay for sex.


This site has been around for at least 12 years, as far as I know. When I found myself newly single at 30 and living my party days and nights, this site was brilliant.

Yes, I dated millionaires, got flown to some of the world’s most amazing places, and ate in the finest restaurants. I’ll leave it there for now without revealing too much as this will be prominent in my next post – “Disastrous dates”.

Cougar life

Exactly as it says on the tin, if you’re a younger man looking to date an older woman, this try out this site. the aforementioned desert-islander or nun/priest, a cougar is a woman over 40 who already has her own children and its on the prowl for a young man to scratch her itch!

Flirt box

Very popular amongst the younger generation. It’s simple, easy to use and free.


The site for London workers who want to date during their lunch breaks. Some even match their date via tube stations.

Now, are we talking the height of efficiency here (or, extreme “mindfulness”, to use the latest high performance management-speak) for City folk keen to squeeze in a quick, well, how to put it delicately – squeeze, I guess – between their high-powered meetings!

Other Online Dating Sites

Ashley Madison

A site aimed at people wanting extra-marital relationships – shock horror! Unless you’ve been living on a deserted island without WiFi, or perhaps cloistered in a convent, you’ll have heard about Ashley Madison and its alleged lack of discretion whereby many of its members’ were outed.ashley-madison

Yet, in 2103 the site had 17,815,000 members. Honestly, whereto the sanctity of marriage our society – or at least its hypocritical and sanctimonious religious and political leaders supposedly hold dear! Obviously, if you are looking for this kind of relationship it appears there are literally thousands of people to choose from.

My single friend

Knowing my friends all too well, I’d be very cautious on this site. As much as I love them dearly, I know if I left it to my friends to find me a date, I’d be in serious trouble.

Of course, you can just upload your own profile and get one of your friends to write on your behalf!

Plenty of Fish

With such a name of nearly biblical connotations, I simply had to read up on  this site. I was astounded to learn most of the members are from the lower-income demographic. What did Marx or someone say about “religion [being] the opium of the masses” – maybe the biblical reference works!

Curiously, the site research goes on to conclude that the statistics for successful relationships arising from meetings via the site are low; whilst going on to say it’s one of the  most popular sites for gay and straight people looking for casual sex. Make of that what you will!

Saga connections

A popular site and one that proves online dating is not just for youngsters – this one is for the over 50s. And it’s one of the fastest growing online dating sites… There’s  hope for me yet!

Telegraph paper

It is claimed  that this newspaper site has over 140,000 members, most being over 40 and of professional status. However at £17 per week to be on it you would have to be successful.


Introduced via Facebook, this is a worldwide hook up dating site. It helps people connect and share romantic journeys….

Zoosk-logoand the rest, I assume. Thanks to the Facebook connection, it is estimated Zoosk has over 50,000,000 users.

Beautiful  people

What can I say that is not clear from the name – if it’s looks over brains you looking for, this the site for you. It’s a voting dating site based purely on looks. But it must have something going for it as it has over 500,000

Dating direct

One of the biggest sites around Europe – it has over 20 million users, all looking for love, at least I assume! Haven’t tried it but can 20m souls be wrong?! But come to think of it, that’s nearly the number about to elect Donald Trump to the Whitehouse!!

Gaydar and Gay Romeo

The biggest sites for online dating amongst the gay and lesbian community.

GAYDAR-LOGO_black_noborderIt’s extremely popular with some good friends of mine and comes highly recommended. Gay Romeo alone has over 6,7400,000 members.


Last Thoughts

So, there are my high level thoughts. Now for my summary conclusions based on my personal  experiences only. No survey has been undertaken. I’m just expressing my personal opinion.

I have used nearly all the abovementioned dating sites looking at various times, and with various purposes in mind. And they have produced very varied outcomes in terms of my dates.

Lianne Young

As well as giving pro dating advice, Lianne Young has also presented her own fitness show for SKY TV and has appeared as a regular sex consultant on major British TV.


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