Male grooming, do women prefer it?

My partner at the time told me he felt a little apprehensive the moment I said “It doesn’t hurt all that much”.

He added that he was “happy to have it done” if I wanted him to.

He said he felt a little nervous when he strode bravely into the guys grooming salon and was offered a full “BS&C” (“back, sack & crack”, as it’s known in the industry).

He added he was a little relieved when he was led by the female groomer to the back room and discovered a full-on bachelor pad complete with signed sports paraphernalia, bar and a wide screen tv, and was offered a beer whilst he waited his turn. “How cool is this” he thought!

“Ok, come through with me” he heard her say in due course – just as he had got his nerves under control. “Oh God” he thought, here we go. There’s no backing out now”.

And there wasn’t.

The groomer was clearly very experienced and the consummate professional. She opened with the welcoming line – “So, why are you here?”.

“My partner suggested it would be really good for our sex life”, he responded, before asking “So, why do most people get this done?”

“Mostly for the same reason – better sex, but sometimes for  a bet”, she answered. She went on to recount her recent experience with 4 guys out on a stag night who made a bet – the winner gets a massage and the 3 losers have a BS&C.

That’s when my partner got cold feet. Well, perhaps, a chill in another part of his anatomy. But you get my drift.

“So, does it hurt”, he asked.

“Not as much as you might expect”, she responded – Oh dear! – before adding “In fact, it only really hurts around the shaft and the sides of the sack” – Oh good Lordy me!

What the hell, I thought. What was my partner on about?! For decades, we women have been making sure our lady parts (or the garden, as some call it) is well tended. Whether it’s shaving, waxing, IPL laser removal or hair removal cream, most women have had it done.

After all, how unattractive is pubic hair hanging out the sides of our bikinis, let alone our sexy and expensive lingerie.

Let’s face it, the fresh, clean look makes us feel pretty damned sexy.

And let’s not forget about our men, who universally seem to love a neatly tended garden.

Whether it’s a “landing strip”or  a “bald eagle”, both parties seem to love it.

But back to the men!

So why are men not so keen to even cut the grass, let alone trim the hedges. And why are they happy to leave we girls using their pubic hair as dental floss when it comes to bedroom oral action?

Happily, it’s more common now for men to frequent the male only grooming studios that seem to be popping up everywhere.

And as my partner discovered to his delight, not only is the job done professionally and (relatively) painlessly. It’s done with all (well most!) of the extras men are looking for in life – beer, sports, tv, men’s magazines and relaxation areas etc… everything they need to make them feel comfortable and confident. And, of course, no women (other than the groomers) are allowed past the reception area.

Trust me, I am sure Heineken invented male grooming … women don’t get spoilt to anywhere near this extent!

Seriously, it’s great that men are, at long last, moving away from the hairy-chested, so-called masculine look and attitude. It’s more hygienic; it looks better ; and as I can attest, it is just amazing for the sex life, making the area far more sensitive, far more attractive, and far more accessible for play!

I definitely recommend waxing. I know full well how uncomfortable shaving and hair removal cream can be, and how much these make you itch as the hair grows back. 

Here are some thoughts one the topic that might help .

The Manzilian

Like anything, how far you go is a personal call at the end of the day.

And the choice of garden is all your’s. Some women prefer the garden neatly tended; and some are just no good at gardening or couldn’t be bothered to garden at all, so prefer the bare patio look – I’m a patio girl myself.

As for the men, again, it’s a personal decision. The groomer told my partner – “losing it all may make you think you look pre-pubescent, but it’s worth it!”

Some men may choose to leave just a little hair above the penis. Most go for the full on removal – including the rectal waxing.

I don’t really agree with the pre-pubescent look comment, quite frankly. In fact, waxing it all makes the penis look larger, in my view – bonus!


There are many myths about men going to grooming salons and wanting or getting more than what’s on the menu. This could not be farther from the truth. The groomers are utterly professional. As a case in point, my partner told me there was a sign on the door of the salon he went to that read – “If you’re looking for a happy ending, rent a Disney movie!”

Keep calm and carry on

Believe it or not, some men are terrified of getting an erection during the process. Just imagine the silence, and as Freud (or whoever) told us, men think about sex every seven seconds (!) – so, it only takes around 7 seconds for a man’s mind to wander when a female groomer is on task in his nether regions.

So, if you’re trying to persuade your man to go along and get some gardening done, encourage him to just talk as normally as possible – oh, and remember his life is in the waxer’s hands….lol

Seriously, female groomers of males estimate nearly half of the men they wax get a hard -on at some point, and it is just part of the job. They simply cover it with a towel and carry on. No need for a cold spoon. And no embarrassment at all.

The pain factor

This girl’s view – It’s not all that painful and it’s worth it – trust me, waxing down below is so beneficial for the sex life, it’s hair free and carefree. 

His view – yeah, it hurt. It really hurt. In fact, it hurt like all hell, especially where the groomer said it would – shaft and sack. But yeah, it was definitely worth it in the sex stakes!

Bottom line – it would be a double standard for men to expect women to tend their gardens and not reciprocate. Sure, it’s not pain free. But it’s over quickly and no more painful than a flu-shot (well, not all that much more!). And anyway, men are supposed to be tougher than women – so toughen up boys! 

Benefits of the Manzilian

First up, hair-free oral sex is mind-blowing – literally. Your erogenous zones are going to be so much more sensitive. And trust me, your partner is going to be a lot more adventurous if she doesn’t have to munch her way through a hairy jungle! Just imagine her going past the penis to the scrotum then on to the anus, it’s going to be heaven.

It’s also going to be more airy down below and make you feel a lot more fresh and free.


I promise, it does get easier after the first time. Then it’s only about maintenance every 4-6 weeks.

You may experience a little redness, and maybe the odd raised bumpy/rash as your body gets used to it. But this should only last 24/48 hours. During this time, have luke warm showers; don’t over-exert yourself; and I think you’re supposed to abstain from sex for 24 hours – but rules are made to be broken!

If you get an ingrown hair, ask a female for advice as we are so used to them. If this isn’t an option, just call the salon and they will tell you what to do.

Have some patience … trust me, once you’ve waxed, you’ll never wane!

So guys, go the wax, and go the back, sack and crack – oh, and don’t forget the shaft!



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