Sometimes, even within the best relationships, one or other, or both, of you needs some help with raising sexual desire.

I’m not talking here about issues such as erectile dysfunction and so on, for which there are a number of drugs, including sildenafil. Viagra is the most well-known brand but there are other, new generation versions worthwhile considering and discussing with our doctor.

Today, I want to talk about forms of food and drink that are believed – rightly or wrongly – to assist in enhancing the libido.

The number of so-called aphrodisiacs is virtually endless – oysters, asparagus, bananas, ginseng, ginger, red wine, and so the list goes on.

Incidentally, it is often said the best aphrodisiac is power. And I agree. But it’s the power of knowledge that I have in mind – the knowledge to know what is best to keep the libido in tip-top shape. I admit that I have been, and can assure you I shall never again let myself become, involved in a relationship where there is a power imbalance. Power in that sense is certainly not an aphrodisiac for me. So, stay strong and equal, and enjoy the ride!

Meanwhile, back to aphrodisiacs you can eat or drink – what to take and how to take it to boost your sexual desire.

In my experience, yes, some foods and drinks can trigger highs and lows. And, yes, some raise the libido levels, enhancing the sex hormones testosterone and progesterone … in rats I might add … but I’m sure it’s the same for humans. Here are a few of my faves.


The good news is that most of us can’t resist chocolate. So, what a bonus that it also contains a neurotransmitter that stimulates the pleasure zone in our brains, phenylethylamine (PHE).

The bad news is that an average person would have to consume 11kg of the stuff to significantly stimulate their libido.

So, perhaps the best way to use chocolate in the context of sex is to surprise your partner with this treat. After all, whether or not chocolate is an aphrodisiac, it’s the thought that counts. A sweet surprise gift is almost certain to make your partner feel special and lead to more bedroom action. And what better way to burn off the calories!


Experiments with rats indicate ginseng improves the libido in both males and females. And some small studies have shown it may be helpful for erectile dysfunction.

So, whoever is in charge of the kitchen should start spicing up the cooking to boost performance in the bedroom – remember we both benefit.


Commonly claimed as the ultimate natural libido booster, oysters contain zinc which helps raise testosterone levels. But you’d need to eat around 50 to have an impact on your sexual desire – making it a very expensive option.

So why not try natural supplements as an alternative. They are available from good health stores, and are a more cost-effective way of keeping up your zinc levels.

Having said that, oysters are delicious and a perfect accompaniment to champagne. So, why not give both the expensive and cheaper options a try?


Truffles have an aroma similar to aldosterone – a male pheromone that boosts female arousal levels. We ladies are simple creatures. Treat us to truffles and our libidos will be sky-high –
especially if they are served with the perfect match of an excellent French sauterne. This is almost a guarantee of sex. See, we’re not that hard to please.


I highly recommend this one. The aroma stimulates the arousal centre in the brain. Ginger is also available in the form of bath salts. I have tried this and it makes the blood rush to the labial and clitoral areas, making you so horny that you will want to rush to the bedroom! It also works for men by stimulating blood flow in the testicular area.

Just imagine – lights turned down low, a warm ginger infused bath, candles glowing, red wine, and chocolate – you’re on to a winner here.


This amazing spice is like a chameleon. It mimics the effects of sexual arousal by increasing the heart rate, raising your body temperature and making you sweat.

Perhaps most importantly, it’s a very healthy ingredient and will give you more energy for the bedroom.


Like chilli, cinnamon raises the body temperature and, in turn, raises your sexual desire.

It’s also an amazing anti-inflammitory – fortunately not to the areas that matter most!

Try sprinkling it over your morning porridge or stir it into your coffee, and start your day with a bang!


You have to give credit to this healthy little vegetable. Let’s face it, it already looks like a penis. So it is no surprise that it helps increase circulation in the genital area leading to an increase in sexual desire.

Red Wine

And finally, back to my former all time favourite – I’ve given up the booze, of course.

I most certainly agree that red wine helps in the sex stakes. Mind you, in my partying days, almost any alcohol would likely have led to sex. And, frankly, the more I imbibed, the more sex I wanted to have!

Red wine increases blood flow, relaxes you and lowers inhibitions. Obviously, you don’t want to overdo it and get smashed – after all you want to perform at your best and remember how good the sex was! But with a little moderation, it’s almost a sure-fire thing.

Having said that, a word of warning – the combination of alcohol and sex led to a number of awkward situations that I regret. Some even had the potential to result in dangerous outcomes. And, of course, alcohol is a depressant and can lead to lows as well as highs. So, at the risk of making this a “sermon on the mount” (haha), it’s important to adopt a safe approach to both alcohol and sex – in particular, only drink with someone you trust and, if you meet and move on with a stranger, make sure you let your friend know where you are going; and don’t drive etc…. Oh and, of course, always prepare for and practice safe sex.

And why go once when you can go twice?

If you find any of these work for you as an aphrodisiac and you put in a great performance, ask your partner to make you a coffee and add a pinch of cinnamon – you never know, you might get round two sooner than you think!

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