Diet-fiction day 6

Food and emotions

Sweet dreams are made of cheese who am I to diss a brie, I cheddar the world and the feta cheese everybody’s looking for stilton!- Not by Annie Lennox.

Do you have any idea how we as mere humans react so well to food? Well to start with we have six Senses.

The first thing that comes straight to my mind is taste and yes-the taste sensation is used when you are preparing a meal-how sweet or sour, how salty or bitter. I’m sure you have all dipped the spoon in the bowl before its finished cooking ,down to pure lust from your taste buds of course.

Next you would not be able to taste without your sense of smell! If someone walks past a fish and chip shop you can smell let alone drawl over the fried chips, salt and vinegar and battered fish creeping its way up our nostrils.. You do your best to resist, right…..

Then you have sound, sadly this one is highly underrated, A champagne cork pops, the crackle from freshly baked bread, the breaking noise of celery and you are instantly reminded of celebrations! Well with the champagne anyway!

Then touch, ice-cream and mash look the same until your touch them. You feel avocados, mangos and pears to establish the ripeness long before you taste then.

So what is the elusive sixth sense? Intuition? Like knowing when lacking one ingredient you know what to substitute it with. No, the sixth sense is memory.

Food relates us to memories, when we find a good restaurant we go back-if we like the taste of something we ask the chef what it is, we remember exactly where we are when we find a certain food or dish has attracted our attention.

Food is  associated with our senses but it is sometimes overlooked how much they are related to our emotions. Your happy hormones can be enticed by certain vitamins and minerals from food. Of course you have the normal aphrodisiacs which I talked about in a previous article called Cook and Hook but nothing can replace an amazing emotion or memory…..

Magnesium is found to help someone relax, it is also an important to nearly every function with body tissue and to assist with the immune system. Think dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds, fish, soybeans, avocados, bananas, dark chocolate and low-fat yogurts.Valerian tea and root is also a fantastic way to enhance relaxation.

Vitamin B complex  plays a major role in maintaining proper brain chemistry, deficiency in certain B vitamins are very common in people who suffer from depression. Some B vitamins help release energy and assist with mood and emotions. Think milk products such as cheese, yogurt, ham, pork, chicken,almond, tuna, whole wheat dark green leaf vegetables, nuts, eggs and of course bananas.

Food for a low mood

They say an apple a day could — if eaten with the rest of these foods — keep the psychiatrist away, at least for stretches of time. Like berries, apples are high in antioxidants, which can help to prevent and repair oxidation damage and inflammation on the cellular level. They are also full of soluble fiber, which balances blood sugar swings.

Seeds– When your  close to reaching for  crisp or chocolate don’t listen  to it saying “I will take away your pain!”  Seeds are the best, flaxseed, hemp seeds, and chia seeds are especially good for your mood because they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Fuhrman writes, “Not only do seeds add their own spectrum of unique disease-fighting substances to the dietary landscape, but the fat in seeds increases the absorption of protective nutrients in vegetables eaten at the same meal.”

Tomatoes try to eat at least six baby tomatoes in a salad each day with a meal because tomatoes contain lots of folic acid and alpha-lipoic acid, both of which are good for fighting depression. Studies show an elevated incidence of folate deficiency in patients with depression. In most of the studies, about one-third of depression patients were deficient in folate.

Best hangover foods

Greasy comfort food may ease your throbbing temples, but it certainly won’t do your waistline any favors. And you need to rest!

Typical hangover symptoms—nausea, sensitivity to light, headache, achy muscles, diarrhea, and decreased motor skills—are all caused by changes in body chemistry, including hormones, chemical reactions within the body, and the toxic chemicals in alcohol.

Sugary sports drinks can do a workout harm but is not the case with a hangover. Reach for a Gatorade or similar beverage to restore liquids and electrolytes. One more cure that’s garnered a cult following: dytralite, a drink intended for dehydration which provides even more sodium and potassium than sports drinks and has far fewer calories.

Caffeine is a mild diuretic so be careful not to drink to much and add to dehydration. The liquid in coffee can help rehydrated your body, and it does give you a little boost of energy.

Remember if your anything like most human beings, heading for the bloody mary or hair of the dog will ease the hangover in the short term which can assist, but only with the delay of the hangover. This then leads your hormones up and down which can lead to happy highs and depressive modes. Yes it taste great at the time,  but your body is not going to thank you for it.

Sugar is a bastard for mood swings, monthly symptoms for sugar are genuine and we find ourselves heading for the biscuit barrel, just remember the famous quote “what goes up must come down”.

I personally know malteasers are dreadful for me and give me a drunk effect. I exercise most days and make sure I eat the right foods especially afterwards, however I do suffer from hypoglycemia. I try to avoid attacks but sometimes they hit  me out of the blue and I need carbs right away, and I stupidly go for a quick fix if I am caught out then have to head straight to a bed to sleep it off! chocolate is only a quick fix.

Yes there is such thing as a sugar hangover and I get them, If you haven’t given up sugar yet, pay close attention to how you feel after eating foods with sugar or even too many natural sugars in fruit.

Here are some of the symptoms of sugar hangover1:

  • Fuzzy thinking or foggy mind
  • Fatigue or sleepiness after meals
  • Gas, bloating or extended stomach after meals
  • Headache
  • Joint pain
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin problems
  • Allergy symptoms
  • Emotional – Mood swings like emotional highs and then lows (anger, sadness, lack of will power, depression, etc.)

Many of them are actually similar to how you might feel after too much alcohol. And there’s a reason for this. Too much alcohol, just like too much sugar, affects your kidneys, liver, stomach and small intestines, which explains some of what is happening in your body. Dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, gastrointestinal disturbances and disruption of sleep are some of the results. Too much sugar causes your body to go on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs…and your moods often follow.












Diet-fiction day 5


As Pink Floyd sang  in the famous song “Another brick in the wall”

“I don’t need no arms around me

And I don’t need no drugs to calm me.

I have seen the writing on the wall.

Don’t think I need anything at all.

No! Don’t think I’ll need anything at all”

Hey, our livers could not have said it better, as so many people seem to believe it needs to detox. If anything, the complete opposite is true.

The liver is functions exceptionally well on its own. It is very capable of handling what we throw at it. However, it must be said that, like the rest of our bodies, it needs to be treated with respect.

First off, let me explain, the liver needs to be kept active doing what it was designed – or created or evolved to do, depending on what side of the creationist v evolutionary debate you fall! – helping our bodies flush out toxins. It doesn’t need our help to do that.

If the liver needed assistance by being so-called detoxed, then we would probably all be dead by now. All else being equal, it needs no extra arms around it; no drugs to help it do its job – as Pink Floyd so eloquently put it, you know when the writing’s on the wall and until then it needs nothing else at all!

Seriously, there is no such thing as detoxing.  Diet and exercise are all you need to get and stay healthy. No magic one cleanse is going to make any difference. So, save your money and stop falling for all the marketing hype. Give yourself and your wallet a clean break instead. NO amount of “cucumber cleanse” or any “promises of a size 8 model body in as little as 7 days” is going to deliver any more than the liver can deliver itself. Wow, sorry that sentence was bit of a mouthful to swallow but you get my drift.

The very idea that you can wash away your sinful binge drinking and hangovers simply by having a one week break and drinking juice of whatever happens to be in vogue via the marketing companies that week can make you pure again, is such a scam. It’s a bit like receiving an email invitation from, almost inevitably, Africa to say you’ve inherited 6 million dollars in a will and all you have to do to collect is send your bank details! Seriously, you wouldn’t fall for that one – so why fall for the liver of all marketing scams instead?!

There are only two types of detox – Either the good, respectable medical one or the bad,  scam!

The good detox doctors will tell you that a detox is only to be used in life threatening situations by drug addicts and alcoholics and such like. This is a specialises treatment and needs to be monitored by professionals.

The bad detox is the “I have been told I will be healthy again in the new year if I start this detox now” scam. Yes, that’s correct, it’s the world’s most unhealthiest scam by entrepreneurs, quacks and charlatans. They are simply trying to sell you bogus products that they claim detoxify you and your liver from the immoral lifestyle you are supposed to have been living. Haven’t you ever noticed that the amount of advertising for  these sorts of things always seems to ramp up around Christmas & New Year? Have you ever wondered why? It doesn’t take Einstein to work out it’s because the scam merchants are looking to cash in on your over-indulgence & naivety! Seriously, your liver will be turning in its grave if you follow this pile of doo-doo!

You see, if toxins did build up in such a way that your body cannot cope, you would be likely dead or bright yellow and in need of urgent medical assistance via the good detail option! Normally, our bodies do what they need to do to keep us healthy and active – liver-skin – lungs, etc… they all have jobs to do.

Efforts to detoxing or otherwise interfere with any of these organs’  normal function will simply take them out of their normal routine. It will throw us out of balance. And, as a result, you will end up not so healthy after all.

Unfortunately, we all have a tendency to fall for anything once our emotions are tapped into. You only had to follow the recent BREXIT debate around whether Britain should stay or leave the EU. The vote simply followed the emotions of the majority of people. Whether the people got this decision right or wrong is irrelevant. The point is, it was their decision. And they were being asked by their so-called leaders on the “stay” side to believe the economic arguments that EU membership was good for them. However, the majority did not “feel” (ie. emotionally) that they had benefited at all from EU membership. And so, they accepted the “leave” fear arguments and voted accordingly & emotionally.  

Likewise, no one who sells you these products promising toxin removal can even tell you what toxins they are supposed to be rem – you know, they make you believe “I can be healthy“, “I can be slim“, “I can be wonderful” & so on… – all I have to do is buy this product & use a sachet a day or whatever it says on the pack. What a marketers dream our emotional responses are!!

The UK charity “Sense about science” approached manufactures of the top 15 products sold in pharmacies and supermarkets in the UK that claimed they detoxify. Not one would provide evidence to back up their claims.

Seriously, believing David Cameron can still deliver is as believable than the detox products! And didn’t Boris Johnson support EU membership just 18 months ago?? Is he any more believable?

You have to understand the body and how it works  before believing in so-called healthy magic potions and pills being sold to you through what are supposed to be health stores and so-called specialists.

Colonic irrigation is another one, promising to eliminate your body of poo…what a pile of unadulterated shit! Your bowels are there for a reason. if you body holds poo longer than normal drink more water. Putting  a hose up your bum is not going to eliminate more toxins than your body can naturally You have to be very careful if you do choose to undergo this procedure as it could pierce your bowel and also eliminate healthy bacteria our bodies actually need!

Colon cleanse pills – Are you serious? Really? Do you really think using these will somehow give you gold-plated or a designer poo. That it will give you a digestive system that is better than one that has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years? Come on this is simply money down the pan, literally. And, yes, someone taking not only the piss out of you!

Detoxing foot pads – I understand these are supposed to turn yellow or brown over night to show you how much shit has been eliminated from your body… Really? Here’;s my tip – it’s probably sweat that causes the change of colour, not toxins!

So, what the detox do I do?

What you need to do this coming new year is resolve to not fall for anymore hype that something these used car salesmen say can replace what your body does for itself. Instead of wasting money and time on highly questionable detox plans to break in the new year, just pull on a pair of trainers and hit the road and do something your body wants and give it a bit of a battering in a healthy way! In other words, just get fit so you can support your body to do what it does naturally.

Seriously, this is one area that the government should be cracking down on. These false claims about effective detox plans are outrageous. 

Yes, I went through rehab to give up alcohol.And it was bloody hard. But it saved my life. In the course of my journey out of alcohol addiction I was also specifically instructed by my doctor I was unable to drink alcohol as my body cannot digest it. In  the normal course, your body can cope, and wIll.

So enjoy life. It’s the only one you’ll have.Stop worrying that your body can’t cope & looking for quick fix to replace what your body does naturally. It can cope!

Diet-fiction day 4

Friend or foe of diets

I’m sure we all recall the words of the nursery rhyme from our childhoods. You know: man

Do you know the muffin man,
The muffin man, the muffin man,
Do you know the muffin man,
Who lives in Drury Lane?

Oh Yes, I know the muffin man,
The muffin man, the muffin man,
Yes, I know the muffin man,
Who lives in Drury Lane. Here comes the muffin man!

It was, of course, originally about a baker who delivered bread down Drury Lane, now a famous theatre area of London of course.
The 21st Century version, of course, has been adopted to refer to one of our fave sexual practices. Of yes, the “Muffin” is no longer into bread. He’s into, well, no need to beat about the bush these day, he’s into “muff”. And when I say he’s into muff, I mean he’s into it in a big way! For the technical amongst us, the most recent definition of a Muffin Man is one who loves to go down on women to orally stimulate our clitoris or vulva i.e. the far less poetic “cunnilingus”.
Of course, it may also apply to those discriminating enough to enjoy ravishing a muffin for breakfast, lunch or Sunday brunch…. and don’t forget, women love muffins too – especially those fab raspberry & white chocolate ones!
But let’s get back to that Muffin Man. His specialty is to go down on his date. And he doesn’t feel a shred of guilt at all. Why should he. After all, he’s just trying to take her to another level … lucky girl!
Confused? So you should be. But relax. Don’t pressure. Yes, you can eat without feeling guilty too. Moderation is the key. We all know too much sugar and fats are bad for us. However, the occasional muffin is perfectly fine for you – and the other muff is for the modern day Muffin Man!

Weight loss begins in the mind. Drop the pressure. Just cut the portions.

Use your mind to control over your appetite. Reduce your plate size.

Below are some different kinds of diet.

To be honest, I don’t believe in them. I just believe in moderation and reductions in portion sizes. Yesterday, I had fish and chips; the day before I had Nandos chicken! I work out most days and don’t overeat. If I do, that’s ok. No pressure. If I over indulge one day, so what! It’s ok to have a treat occasionally.

But here’s my views on them all the same.

The Atkins diet

A foe for sure, in my view. Eliminating processed carbs can cause rapid weight loss. But eliminating fruit and vegetables leads to nutritional imbalance and fatigue. You’ll lose energy and water short-term, but not so much fat. 

The Paleo diet

A friend. Eating only unprocessed foods is a good approach as it includes healthy fats and lean proteins. This diet is great for resistance trainers and those looking to chisel their body. Ever heard of a fat caveman?

The low GI diet

Friend. Carbs allowed if they have a low glycaemic-index rating. The glycemic index (GI) is a relative ranking of carbohydrate in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels. Carbohydrates with a low GI value (55 or less) are more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised and cause a lower and slower rise in blood glucose and, therefore usually, insulin levels. For example, carrots good, cornflakes bad! If you learn the low-GI foods that work best for you, this can be a sensible and positive approach to weight loss.

The Detox diet

Friend and foe. There are so many versions of detox diets. Be careful which one you pick. Fasting or cutting out major food groups for even a day or two can lead to fatigue and headaches. If you detox for too long you risk losing bone density and muscle mass. I will cover detox tomorrow.

The 5:2 diet

Foe. If you’re active, you’ll seriously compromise yourself with this diet.Your brain and body need power to perform. Restricting calories for two days a week can leave you distracted and anxious. Approach with caution!

My tip is to control your eating

Will power is just like a muscle. It can be strengthened. But it will tire if you over work it. Don’t start a diet (I really hate this word) with all guns blaring, trying to quit as many things as possible and/or at once. You will be just setting yourself up for failure.

Try this approach instead. Talk to yourself as if you were talking to someone else. This eliminates the emotional baggage we all carry and that are so self-defeating that they make us reach for the sinful snacks.

First up, tell yourself, as you would tell a friend – out of sight, is out of mind.

Second, see food for what it really is. It is a friend. It can be a foe also. Remember, you are what you eat.

Third, always start with a plan. That way, when you encounter temptation, you have pre-set responses can rely on. For example, you might tell yourself (as if talking to a friend), this week, I shall eat x number of different vegetables with my meals, or y seafood meals – and if I do, then I can eat 2 desserts that week. You get the drift. This will stop you being caught off guard – you know, we’ve all been there – we’re trying to eat healthily, & we see that piece of chocolate cake just calling us over & saying eat me, eat me – much like the Muffin Man! Rather, think salad + salad + fish = ok, some chips now!

Fourth, try using visualisation techniques. Picture an image in your head of giving into temptation. These techniques provide distance & perspective. They enhance reality. It Try them out. They can help cut your physical connections to food.

Finally, be sure to be kind to yourself. Take some time out. There are two parts of your brain working when you make decisions – the hasty, emotional and greedy part, and a cooler, more analytical part. You can learn to rely more on the cooler part by simply counting to 10 and visualising  your long-term end goal.

So go easy on yourself – only you can put yourself under the diet pressure. You need a release every so often. My advice is take the occasional break – and maybe even invite your own Muuffin Man over for as bite

Diet-fiction Day 3

“Well hello love fancy a shot of my protein” ?  You have absolutely no idea how many times I have heard this in my lifetime, I’m sure many of you have from a horny partner trying to convince you to swallow him and take his free load on offer!

Sorry for the blunt talk, but that’s how it is with me, either take it or leave protein lovers!

Protein and semen composition- yes semen does contain both albumin (a protein structure) and free amino acids (probably a lot more if you swallow in one)- you could probably score yourself the promise of a Porsche if get your timing right!

All jokes aside though semen does in fact contain protein, so men have not been telling us girls porkies, in fact what we thought was them trying to feed us bollocks was for our own benefit after all!

The average ejaculation volume is 10ml, this is approximately 0.5g (500 mg) dietary protein per ejaculation on average. Although an overall amount cannot be given it is possible to calculate due to gravity and of semen and protein content, it is close to 50% protein by weight!  Now that’s a load to swallow….

Girls no matter what fad diet your on and even if you’re vegetarian you can’t escape the fact that it is good for us. It’s even reported that vegetarian men have sweeter tasting semen, go veggie men. This means you can help us women with the desire for a quick sugar fix..once a month anyway!

Supplementation of semen protein? I can”t believe I am even reading these stats, seriously how do you replace semen? Oh sorry, I should have carried on reading  it goes on to suggest how to flavour semen! no chocolate, vanilla or strawberry on offer I’m afraid  however it does say a guy can enhance the flavour of his protein by eating “Fenugreek”which makes it taste like maple syrup.

Protein Powders 

Thankfully “Nina Silic” at “muscleworx”  has been kind enough to explain the different variety of protein powders available and how to break them down in a more digestible way. She explains that all protein powders are generally derived from dairy and the difference is down to which one suits your digestive system.

Whey protein isolate (WPI) -and hydrolysed proteins are the most rapid absorbing which are great for kick starting recovery of muscles whilst training. Because they are easy to digest they are best for people who have issues with digesting dairy, they are usually found to be lactose free or low lactose.

Whey Protein- this is the most popular as it is good value for money. It’s a blend of WPI and WPC (whey protein concentrate). These take longer to digest and usually contain lactose which is not good for individuals with allergies or intolerance to dairy products.

Milk protein concentrate- these are slow digesting and best taken before bed as they slowly release over an 8 hour period.

Plant based proteins These are the best for individuals with intolerance or allergies, however a combination of plant and pea are best for you as you need to get the right amount of amino acids the body requires if you are training.

Who should take protein supplements

People who train such as athletes, marathon runners and bodybuilders use protein powders to help them build muscle mass, people trying to GAIN weight well recovering from surgery on a liquid diet may need to take concentrated forms.

They are also a healthier alternative to dealing with mid afternoon munchies, however they are not the answer for quick fix weight loss,we need carbohydrates and fat to function. Eating a protein only diet means you will not be getting enough nutrients your body needs.

Unwanted side-effects of taking too much protein

Eating too much protein can cause side effects! You need to be careful if you want to avoid embarrassment from protein overload. If you discover your intolerant or have a sensitivity to the product you’re taking you could end up with sore cheeks and I don’t mean the facial ones! The most commonly reported side effect is diarrhea and excess gas. So, if your partner is training and guzzling back the protein shake then running off to the bathroom with his phone do not assume the worst, he is not in there trying to produce more protein by having a dirty phone call!

Issues with protein only diets

Yes we need protein in our diet, however too much can lead to intestinal irritation and can add stress on your kidneys and liver leading to ketosis. As mentioned before we need carbohydrates for our bodies to operate, pure protein based diets are nothing short of a disaster. You may think the quick fix to a bikini body is the answer but it’s not.

Yes, protein keeps you fuller for longer as it takes longer to digest, but it can also lead to higher cholesterol, bad breath, sweating and gas build up which is not attractive, beach or no beach…

Take note your body will eventually go into something known as gluconeogenesis, this is when the body has to turn protein into carbohydrates to feed the brain which leads to ketosis.

Make sure to avoid this by seeking proper advice on what to take and how to take it, ask the specialist on this one not your partner! Unless they are qualified of course.

Things to remember

Your partner is on your side and only trying to help so make sure you appreciate him!

Men do not find skinny attractive, healthy is attractive.. something to hold on to is attractive, there is no such thing as the perfect body-and if you think there is just ask Nina via her website on Being super skinny comes at a price so go to the professionals and get pointed in the right direction,protein is great but not protein alone.

If you parter looks red in the cheeks after his workout and shake hand him his phone and send him to the bathroom quickly!

Remember girls we need protein so men need to keep producing it, it’s for our benefit! However, it’s also great to supplement it with training.






“Diet-fiction”-day 2

Pre workouts

When making the choice to enter the world of exercise, you know it’s going to be hard work. If you’re a novice, you are going to receive all types of advice, either from personal trainers, gym floor assistants and fellow gym members. One thing I have learned is that what works for one person does not necessarily work for another.

FB_IMG_1458010983758When I first got into exercise, I simply wanted to reduce my weight and improve my health and lifestyle. However, like many, I soon realised how much I benefited from exercise. And soon, I wanted to help others feel the benefits I had gained. So, I went back to school, became qualified in Advanced Fitness and armed myself with the knowledge of how and what works.

Exercising can become time consuming. Everyone wants to get the best from their time at the gym. This is where “pre workout” supplements help out.

“Preworkouts” increase your energy levels, muscle and endurance during your workout. Of course, they contain a blend of ingredients from caffeine to creatine. But do they work?

Hell yeah, they work!

One of the first pieces of advice I received in the gym was  to take supplements. I was told they would assist my workout, help me lift more, or extend my workouts. So I did. And holy shit, I felt  like I had become a super charged wonder woman in 30 minutes after my shot of pre workout!

It turned out this supplement increased my blood flow, increased my focus, increased my heart rate and left me tingling all over from head to toe – like feeling of pins and needles. I had taken it 20-30 minutes before my workout.

I felt I was on a pure energy high and ready to take on the world, let alone the weights and cardio machines. I was also left not knowing what to actually do with myself because my body and mind were racing 100 mph ahead of my  body. I should have asked for proper advice rather than just pick one of the many alternatives  on display. That way,  I could then have avoided what felt like an amphetamine hit!

Some of the products on the shelves have very high levels of caffeine. These can have a negative effect on the heart. So if you have any health problems or are sensitive to caffeine, make sure you either don’t use them, or obtain medical advice before you do.


Caffeine rush

Some people assume that having a shot of coffee just before heading to the gym will give them the extra boost they need. This may be right. However, it’s nothing compared to taking actual caffeine itself. Real caffeine is different to the stuff you find in food and drinks. It is stronger. You could down 10 coffees and it would still be nowhere near the level of a caffeine supplement. It’s also really important to restrict caffeine from your food and drink while taking a high caffeine based pre workout. This will avoid a caffeine overdose. So, be sure to keep the  advice on the container, and  follow the recommended dosage. I admit I am one who has always broken the rules. However, I learned my lesson with caffeine when I found myself shaking and feeling really nauseous. I soon learned to not assume I am, in fact,  wonder woman! When it comes to caffeine, more is not necessarily better!

So, stick to the given guidelines on all products and discuss with your supplier what is right for you. And be honest with them!  This will keep you safe.



Nearly all pre workouts contain creatine. This boosts energy production in muscle cells, which in turn helps muscle performance. It is also said to reduce cramping and dehydration. Just like caffeine, creatine needs to be taken regularly. You should build up to a level that suits you. If you’re not pushing yourself to your hardest, don’t take it. It’s a waste of money. You will not benefit simply from taking it – you need to work with it. If you are one of the gym members that goes to socialise, then you don’t need a pre workout – you just need to understand the gym is to work out. Of course, you will find friends at the gym. But there is no use lifting or doing cardio if all you prefer is to chat.

Remember the only time you need to take a pre workout is when you are working out and you need the extra boost of energy

Dangerous additions

Like pretty much anything in life, there is going to be a black market for products. If not obtained from reliable and professionally accredited suppliers, some products  can have all sorts of rubbish in them, and may be harmful. This is why it is essential to use products that have been accredited by a reliable food and drug accreditation authority.

In the supplement world, everyone wants you to buy their product. It’s just how it works. It is important to remember that you are not looking for a quick fix, weight loss wonder drug. You need to be making 100% effort yourself. The pre workout is just helps to kick you up the arse that little bit more!


Additional information – Muscleworx

If you are looking for online advice from someone I trust you can directly message  They are more than happy to help with any questions you may have. They can also be found on

You need to learn from the experts to prevent injury and sustain your hard work.