Sex tax!

TaxIn the UK alone, the sex industry delivers over 5.5 billion in tax per year

Yes, you heard me right – 5.5 billion pounds in tax is paid each year in the UK alone.

Cleary, there are a lot of horny buggers in the UK! But there are far more significant issues at play in this – both fiscal and educational!

Why on earth isn’t everyone happy that the sex industry is here to save the day – to keep the UK afloat during the crisis that we are all being told is the Brexit….. Oh, I forgot the British are reserved and don’t like being too open about sex, let alone the sex industry!

Despite many television programmes covering sex and much of the print media using sex as a selling point, why is it that the sex industry, in particular sex work (or prostitution as it is often described) is looked down upon.

I seriously hate the word prostitution. Let’s take a look at its real meaning –Prostitution is the business or practice of engaging in sexual relations in exchange for payment for some other benefit.

Oh really? So, if my understanding is correct, I would say everyone is guilty of prostitution in some way or form. Why? Well, how many of you can honestly say you have never used sex for an ulterior motive? As a bribe? To gain something? Even at a basic level, ladies, do you remember all those Saturday nights out when you have wanted a man to buy you drinks? And guys, surely you remember buying a woman drinks in the hope of getting into her knickers… Well, on the face of it, that all comes falls within the definition of  prostitution.

Now, let’s follow that through to the next level! Let me ask you, how many of you have woken up after a wild night out, alongside a complete stranger and thought ‘oh god, what have I done’?

Well, the only difference between that situation and prostitution, is that that you gave it away for free! A professional sex worker would not be stupid enough to do that – they would have charged by the hour! And they would have woken up with a wad of cash and a smile rather than a headache and regret.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for one night stands to satisfy the sexual urges when you are single.

prostitute_p3056006So, why are professional sex workers looked down upon, simply for making a business out of what we all do for free?!  It makes no sense.

It really is absurd. And that’s even before you consider the health side of things. Sex workers offer far safer sex than amateurs!! Almost invariably, they offer protected sex;  not random, condom-free, let’s catch a disease sex….. So, I ask again, why is the sex worker so looked down upon?

I could go on forever asking questions, but I want to make a key point instead. That is, if you don’t know a sex worker in your close circle, one of your friends will! Yes, the degree of separation between you and a sex worker is that small. It is one of the biggest industries in the country, and it makes one of the biggest contributions in tax to the British Government.

Let’s look into this a little more closely.

What is a sex worker?

The most common assumption when a person says they are a sex worker is that they are a prostitute. But that is only one of many forms of sex worker. Prostitution is only one of the many branches of the sex industry. Other branches include pornography, stripping, nude modeling, and erotic dancing etc….

The legal status of prostitution varies from country to country. Sometimes, the legal status  varies from region to region within a given country. But whatever its status – legal and regulated, tolerated and unregulated, or  illegal – it will be there. It always has been, and it always will be.

It is sometimes referred to as the oldest profession. So, again, why is it so looked down upon?

Trust me, it’s not going away anytime soon. So, we may as well learn to accept it. And hey, let’s enjoy its tax contributions and other benefits too! And there are many!!

It’s said that in the UK alone there are over 100,000 prostitutes, and another 100,000 do some other kind of sex related work! My god, this is nowhere near the amount of people signing on the dole each year. But it appears our society is prepared to accept free hand outs of welfare over sex work! Now, that really is perverse in my view!

Even Her Majesty’s Office of Revenue and Customs (aka the British Tax Office) has set up a task force to look into the question of how to get its share of tax from the sex industry, including the adult entertainment inbdustry and escort agencies etc… Brothels alone contribute 100 million UK pounds per year, so the balance must have come from other organised sex workers and sole traders such as porn stars like yours truly! And that was the case even when it already received over 5.5 billion in UK tax in 2009.

I suspect the trigger for the task force is the fact many sex workers have come from EU countries. I would have thought that figure would have increased dramatically in recent years. One can only guess what the impact of Brexit might be on HM tax revenues when these workers can no longer cross our borders to ply their trade freely!

Austria-brothel-offers-free-sex-in-protestOh, and yes, I did pay tax during my time as an adult star both in the UK and USA. In my mind, it was better than claiming the dole.

Having said that, I do admit to taking the dole before entering the workforce. As a young, single parent I was almost encouraged by society to do so, and to claim a free council house and benefits. God, if I’d wanted to, I could have popped out a kid every 9 months like some people and lived happily ever after – not!

Sorry. No! I simply could not stay in that world. So, I sat down and wrote a business plan around something I enjoyed, which happened to be sex. And I made it work for me. And it sure did!

Recently, I gave an interview in which I said  ‘being a porn star made me a better mother’. I stand by this. It made me have the work ethic required to earn the money needed to support my kids. And it did so in a society of the late ’90s when it was looked down on to be a single parent, and god forbid a single parent that goes to work! Surely, many in my society said, I was neglecting my kids if I went to work!

Seriously, that is how I was judged by a bunch of free loaders who preferred to live on welfare when I was a young, single parent some 20 years ago. It was not because I chose the sex industry. It was more to do with the fact I was leaving the children with their grandma while I went to work and earned a wage to support my kids as a single parent! Thank god I never listened to them and did what I thought was best. And guess what, it got me off the single parent benefits and made me a British taxpayer! It enabled me to pay my way! And what’s more, it gave me so much more self-worth and determination. I have no regrets.

Society really does need to understand that 95% of sex workers enter the sex industry  because they choose to. Seriously, in the adult film world, I have met lawyers, accountants, social workers and many other professionals who left their stable jobs to enter the sex world for no other reasons than the joy of the work and the greater financial gains available.

It’s such a shame that the sex industry is spoken about so negatively and swept under the carpet. Not only is that bad for HM’s tax revenues; it makes it hard to talk about and damaging for the younger generation.

The sooner it is seen as a legitimate industry, and a tax paying one at that, the better.

As an aside, the increased number joining the sex work industry is phenomenal. And this is lowering the price. Soon it will become the same pay as a regular job. Gone are the days of earning 1500 pounds per week from the ’90s. It’s now less than half that! Even street prostitutes and high-end escorts are complaining that immigrants have come in and undercut them so they don’t make as much any more! I bet they all voted for Brexit!

I fully admit I don’t understand street prostitution when they could work at a brothel or as an independent escort. However, I believe absolutely that prostitution needs to be legalised. And I believe that for all sorts of reasons – most notably to safeguard the workers themselves.

I also believe it needs to be accepted and spoken about so the younger generation can understand what is involved if they are approached or their circumstances require them to join it.

I also believe sex education needs to be conducted on a regular basis in schools and presented as part of a comprehensive course called “life skills”. People seem pre-occupied with the regular curriculum. They seem to neglect the practical skills children require to get them through life. In my view, a real life-skills course would cover work and social ethics (including civic responsibility such as how to choose between working and making a contribution to society rather than signing on to the dole), sex education, body image and social pressures etc….

FB_IMG_1458011156433The only people who can really educate our youth on these topics are those who understand the world that is impacted by these issues. And that includes workers who have experience of the sex industry. Many countries employ former sex industry workers to do this, and guess what, there are demonstrable benefits including lower underage sex , less unemployment and less adverse social pressure.

On the other hand, one of my all time fave partners told me he received his sex education from a Catholic nun. Oh dear! Enough said!!


In summary, I believe that if we can remove the stigma that surrounds the sex industry, and allow those with sex industry experience to engage in our society more openly, we will achieve far better outcomes both in terms of education and tax revenues.

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