Is your medication affecting your sex life?

Füße eines Paares im Bett. Trennung und Scheidung

Where’s my sex drive gone?

Health issues and its impact on sex is not spoken about often enough. When it comes to sexuality, there are a lot of ways in which health impacts peoples sexual functioning, sexual feelings, sexual behaviours and sexual decision-making.

Medications are the cause of a large amount of sexual issues with many related to people taking  antidepressants, ulcer treatments, dieretics, and any kind of medication that dries you up such as anti inflammatory, for some people it can prevent arousal or interfere with the orgasm or it has a significant impact on sexual functioning by lowering the libido.

Unfortunately what also adds to this is that people sometimes don’t want to talk about its effect with their partner, sometimes people just stop having sex, or stop doing their favorite sexual things. Some even stop masturbating, and as we all know this can make people even more depressed and damn right cranky. Not all people are confident to report theses problems to thier doctors either, which is counterproductive because they need too in order to have medication changed and to be placed on another kind that does not have the same side effects.

Now, I don’t know about any of you but if I am in pain probably the last thing I want to do is have sex, and if I do I want it over and done with quick so I am not hurting anymore. I’m sure you all remember your sex education days at school, right? You know the class where they told you all about the male and female reproductive and genital areas in 30 minutes. Let me tell you what they never told you, they never told you about all your erogenous zones, the sexual parts of your body. Theres the knees, the lower back, the neck, the hips, the elbows, and if they hurt it’s really difficult to enjoy sex. Nobody talks about this which makes people think they have a sexual dysfunction when in fact they have not.

People suffer a similar loss around sexuality as they do with any other kind of loss. When people cannot perform in their favorite positions because they suffer pain when they do, or they are afraid that it will hurt after they suffer loss.  And if they don’t talk about it, it can not be cured. Some people can’t even masturbate anymore because of a hand injury and have to give it a rest for 3-6 months, can you imagine this?  No, me neither.

Many people are embarrassed by sexual dysfunction because they think there is something wrong with them, when in fact they do not have a sexual dysfunction, irs down to high street medication. People need to be more open and aware of what medications they are taking, or their partners are taking. If something is affecting your sexual performance it may not be anything wrong with you, it could just be something you are taking. 

So if you do have something preventing you enjoying sex, do not let in manifest and go see your GP.


Bodyimage myths and truths


Most of us think we are pretty sophisticated when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, we are aware that people come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Of course, we are not all a perfect size ten, or even slightly resemble a Victoria Secrets model, and neither would many of us want too. Today via media platforms we are inundated with images of celebrities with over inflated breast, cheekbones and enough Botox to make hell freeze over, and it is seriously affecting peoples confidence. It’s causing all kinds of issues surrounding our bodies and this effects not only intimate relationships, but relationships with ourselves.

Reports suggest the pressure on girls to look perfect is causing all types of issues, 80% of females aged 21 think that their looks are the most important thing about them, 66% did not feel pretty enough and 93% believed they were judged on their appearance, and 61% felt the need to look perfect. Too many people are under the illusion that body image is the most important thing when attracting the opposite sex and being accepted. It requires a lot of effort to prepare in the hope that no one will see flaws that dont exist. It also expensive to maintain.

Think for one minute how hard it is for single men to find a genuine natural partner today, they see an attractive girl, asks her for a date, she accepts and the relationship naturaly progresses. Then as they get to know one another more it moves to snogging, foreplay and sex. Off comes the push bra, he tries to run his hands through her hair which is full of extensions so impossible, false eyelashes are left in the bathroom and he has make up all over the bed sheets…. she suddenly appears very different. The guy is not upset about how she looks, but because he has been misled when there was no need. It’s a total myth that men only find a female attractive because of looks, go ask most men and they will most likely say they prefer a female with intellect, a good attitude and above all confidence. A fantasy girl and a ideal girl are two very different people. Men want to invest in the ideal girl, the one they can see and get to know behind the exterior and relax with, not the fantasy girl which will always look perfect and always be grooming herself. Men like pyjamas and hair tied back, natural hair… and make-up free sheets!

Too many people also sit around and compare themselves to others assuming that the other person is perfect, not realising that this person may be hiding some dark secret such as, insecurity, self loathing, addictions or self-abuse. Not all, but many people have had some serious issues and have altered their natural body to feel better about themselves, but they have only managed to change their outer appearance and not their inner self and they are still suffering as much as before. No amount of surgery is going to make their inner feelings of depression go away. Celebrities on social media only show one side of themselves to thier fans, on the other side they will be someone you know nothing about, and trust me looks can be very deceiving.

Simon Cowell proved last weekend natural is best by asking one of his female finalist to come back with no make up on, to be her natural self so he could see her, and hear her voice naturally. She came back and shon like a star, totally stunning and above all with more confidence. It was an amazing transformation that proves hiding behind the assumption of perfection, is infact doing the opposite.
People need to accept themselves for who we they are on the inside and build a relationship with themselves rather than relying on something or someone else for approval. Remember the best part about anything is the mystery that surrounds it. Now go look in the mirror and tell yourself your beautiful just as you are.