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Sex is as strong as love, and if love was a drug there is no doubt it would be sold by the gram! Therefore, surely keeping one’s composure on safe sex rather than being loose is rather important. When it comes to safe sex I am an advocate for demanding an STI test or using condoms if I have a new partner, nobody is worth risking my life for. It’s a no brainer what causes sexually transmitted diseases and if you don’t know then you should not be having sex full stop!

Stealthing-The-Dangerous-New-Sex-Move-Why-Is-It-Considered-RapeThe news headlines have come up with the word  “Stealthing” as the latest trend, however it’s far from new as it has been going on forever. One of the main problems is women actually feel they can not turn around and say STOP in the heat of the moment even if it looks like the condom has slipped off or broken, and some even pass it off as an accident and carry on.

“Stealthing” is a sexual assault no matter which way you look at it and it needs to be dealt with in the same manner, this means women need to report it as a sexual assault. Personally not only would I report it I would kick the bastard in the balls to make sure he never repeated this act.

So what can girls do to prevent it?

The best way to combat this is for females to take the lead on protection, I am not going to suggest go on a sex strike or abandon sex, I mean take the lead and show that you’re up for great sex with the right precautions-and be selective.

Should the boy provide the condoms?

Come on girls this is the 21st century and everyone is responsible for protecting themselves, It should be like carrying a tampon. If a guy refuses to wear one then refuse to have sex with him-it really is this simple. There is no reason why you cannot have the ride of your life, just make sure it’s bagged up and hold on tight!

It’s my first time so I will not get pregnant, or I’m on the pill so I don’t need to use one

This is a myth, you can still get pregnant before starting your periods because you could still be producing eggs, and no matter how many times you think washing your vagina of traces of semen you can still get pregnant and being on the pill makes no different to STI what so ever, condoms are still needed every time you have sex to protect yourself. If you are concerned that something down below does not look right such as spots, cuts or anything weeping then either refrain from sexual intercourse, stick to foreplay and use a condom!

stealthing-2Foreplay means you don’t need a condom?

Unfortunately sticking to foreplay does not always protect you from STI, yes it is safer but you can still catch some STIs just by rubbing against each other, and if sperm gets anywhere near the vagina you could get pregnant-even if you are a virgin. Foreplay comes in many forms with blow jobs being the most common and these can easily lead to an unwanted STI such as chlamydia or gonorrhea. Yes, you can get all of theses in the mouth so if something looks or smells funny bag it up ladies or refrain from sexual activity for now.

So what is the answer?

The best way to deal with this is to remember we will have much better sex if we know we are protected.  It means being choosy about who you sleep with, understanding that more partners means more risks. It does not mean not having fun, or not being passionate. It’s about remembering there is nothing sexy about an STI. You need to be prepared for the unexpected and always carrying a condom.


Written by: Lianne Young


    1. I totally agree with you, women making out they are on contraceptive but not is just as bad. How ever Stealthing is a word made up directed at men only. What I do advise is men use condoms when participating in sexual intercourse or close foreplay to eliminate any risk of STIs with new partners until trust has been built. The use of condoms will help men against unwanted pregnancies and STI infections. Always remember you can’t trust a stranger. Lianne

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