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Well what can I say apart from “Damn, how many fit men can anyone fit in one room at one time? AVN, of course.

Last night I attended the world’s biggest Gay Awards in Las Vegas filled with glitter, glam and more buzz than hooting horns in a traffic jam.

Of course, as us women know Gay men are extremely happy, well toned, handsome, outgoing and dress to kill.. To find myself surrounded in one room with hundreds of them was an absaloute treat.

AVN had been around for many years recognising and awarding contributers to the industy in many forms- from best production, best camera, best website and a variety of awards for the performers.

I first attended my first AVN some 20 years ago and apart from the hotel location and declining numbers attending mainly due to the internet providing free access to porn I would say the buzz is still the same.

Only by chance did I get to the GAYVN awards as I am here to cover the mainstream AVN awards and I’m glad I did.

Below is the link to the Gayvn award winners of 2019 which are well deserved.

Of course, I’m not put out one bit that noone took a shine to me!….

Coming up in the next few days the 2019 AVN Awards

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