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Exclusive offer for HOA readers

25% discount with HOA25

ZALOUSA have kindly offered all HOA fans an amazing 25% discount on all products! ZALO are the leading quality pleasure products for women and couples.

Discount code HOA25 via

The new HERO is the latest unique pleasure product

Specially designed to indulge and titillate the sensitive area of the clitoris, HERO uses ZALO’s proprietary PulseWave™ technology to achieve a swing width of up to 30 mm and a swing frequency of up to 75 times per second, evoking unique sensations designed to imitate a memorable oral sex session.

Its elegant, compact shape and powerful motors deliver superior ergonomics and functionality for a seamless experience bringing you clitoral pleasure unlike any you’ve ever experienced before.

Color: Jewel Green


Use the code HOA25 for your amazing 25% discount

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