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UsToo campaign-Men need to be heard.

Everyone is aware of the ‘MeToo’ campaign last year, and rightly so. It brought a subject normaly hidden to the surface to be openly spoken about.

However, many men have also suffered sexual abuse and were unable to speak up and be heard, you may even say they were silenced.

I truly feel men need to be heard, men experience abuse on many levels both physically and mentaly.

I had the pleasure of meeting a inspirational young man named Alexander as my waiter in a restaurant last week in Guilford, (great waiter I must say) by chance we got speaking about his film career, he is new to the film industry and has written and producing a film called ‘UsToo’. It’s based on the male version of MeToo.

This film NEEDS to be made and it needs your support to help men be heard about abuse towards them. It NEED’S to be heard, seen and noticed.

If you can help by donating just £1 or are interested in getting on board please visit-

make it happen for UsToo Film #indiegogo via @indiegogo

I’m on board come join me.

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