Fluttering Pleasure Petals Vibrator from Satisfyer- Is this the dud of the bud?

Described by Satisfyer as a pleasure toy to remind you of the 70s?  

Weren’t the 70s inspiring they say- down to its’ music, everything full of flowers, peace-loving people, and free love everywhere. (In my eyes flowers in your hair is a lot different to flowers in ones pleasure zone). They do say things were not always better in the past, because, for example, there were no eco-friendly rechargeable and waterproof vibrators made of supple silicone, like this splendid specimen they have developed. They name it as their small tribute to the Spirit of Peace, Love, and Rock’n’Roll, the Power Flower was created to make your bud bloom with pleasure. Its design combines 12 powerful vibration programs with a flexible shaft made of supple material and a narrow, split tip.

Screenshot 2019-05-25 at 18.47.43

The 12 particularly powerful vibration programs are made up of 6 intensities and 6 tingly rhythms. The powerful motor distributes the vibes ideally over the entire shaft, so they intensely stimulate you from top to bottom. Thanks to its waterproof finish (IPX7), the Power Flower also invites you to enjoy sensual pleasure in the shower or in the bath.  (I guess the rubber duck could be out of business)

Its described as being able to provide versatile stimulation possibilities, because you can use the Power Flower both vaginally, as well as for external stimulation, by letting its soft petals dance around your pleasure bud, yes ladies your clitoris.

Yes, I am sexually experienced this I do not deny but I am not one for putting sharp edges inside my pleasure area, or on my bud cum to think of it…Which is why I handed over this new invention over to one of my reviewers to sample with her partner.

Review on The Satisfyer Vibes Power Flower

When taking the Satisfyer out of the box, the name “Power Flower” initially fits the appearance of the soft silicone toy. The top of it (the “petals”) reminded me of a Crocus flower. It had no smell to it at all – unlike some toys that you can buy when they are new.

It has a charger, with an operating time of approximately 50 minutes. When switched on, its petals flutter and there are 12 speeds from steady, to intermittent rhythms. It sounds like any other vibrator, not too noisy, not too too quiet. It’s also waterproof for use in the bath or shower.

According to the instruction manual, it has 3 uses…clitoral, vaginal and penil. So the boyfriend and I went to work with it.

He and I are quite sensitive people in that we like to be stroked/lightly tickled all over. When switching it on at first, we just tried it on our forearms, legs, backs and it was relaxing and really pleasurable. I could just about stand it on my nipples if the petals weren’t too close but that’s probably only because my nipples can’t usually take too much.

On him, moving the flower around the balls and the taint, the first couple of speeds were great, from then on it was too intense. With added lube, I could wank his shaft with the flower and he especially liked it at the base of the glans. With any speed, he was in ecstasy when I pushed the head of the petals over the head of his cock and holding it firm.

On me – not so much…I tried it on my clit and it felt like someone was catching me with their fingernails – even on the lowest speed. And with the way the petals were able to flutter, I had no intention of trying it inside me for fear of it catching on my vaginal walls…and have you ever seen the medieval torture device called the Pear of Anguish? No? Look it up. Because the Power Flower reminded me a little of that.

All in all we recommend this toy for males as opposed to females.

Charlie and Dave from Essex

Review score for females  2/10 Review score for Men 6/10

Remember ladies not everything is about looks and this really needs to be considered with pleasure toys too.




“Zalo” introduce the new pre-heating thrusting vibrator to the public and we cant get enough.

Move over Rampant Rabbit-Just when you thought sex toys could not get better a new multi tasking lady toy has hit the market. Not only were ZALO noted as one of the best premium quality products to arrive on the market in 2018 by “XBIZ” they have now gone one step further by introducing their preheating pleasure product for every woman’s delight- making sexual pleasure even more orgasmic.

Unleash your innermost desires with the ZALO Desire Preheating Thruster. With its super soft tip designed to hug the curves of your intimate zones and auto-thrusting capability unlike any you’ve experienced before, the Desire will take your pleasure to new unexplored territory. Pre-heat it to perfect body temperature before every use at the touch of a button, then insert it to enjoy deeply sensual thrusting sensations.
The first auto-thruster from ZALO, with a whisper-quiet motor, jewellery-grade details and silky smooth Softek coating – the Desire delivers the ultimate sensory experience. With six thrusting modes on offer, you’re guaranteed to never tire of discovering the unique pleasure the Desire delivers.

Do note this product is flying off the shelves on its first release so get in quick….. you can never have to many orgasms!

ZALO Desire Preheating Thruster review from customer

To look at the front of the packaging which is a pretty pink and gold recyclable tube you would have no idea there is a vibrator inside. However, open up and there is a pretty violet vibrator welcoming you which is decorated with a “Swarovski” crystal where the controls are. It makes you feel special and trust me you deserve this little treat of a sex toy. It has a built in rechargeable USB battery, and a satin pouch to store it in when you’re not using it.

But this is not just any sex toy – it feels as smooth as silk (Apparently it’s the “Softek” silicone coating, which also makes it easy to clean) and has a gentle tip for easy entry. It has 6 speeds, but these aren’t the normal speeds you encounter on most vibrators. This vibrator, has a thrusting motion, so manually moving a toy back and forth is no longer required; you can adjust the motion to your heart’s content and literally “lie back and think of England.” There’s even a turbo mode button if you want to it go harder than the 6 speeds. And worry not, it may have a powerful motor, but it’s not loud at all.

ZALO really have made orgasms more convenient without cutting corners on quality.

Just when you think that’s all a Magic toy can offer, what would you say if I told you there was a button for a Pre-heating mode? That’s right – you can heat the toy up and it will reach to your body temperature within 2 minutes! And if you add the ZALO lube to it (sold separately) it feels even more amazing…no more cold lube and toys killing the moment when you’re ready to get down to it.

The only thing I will say is that it takes a bit of time to get used to the 4 different buttons but when you do with a bit of practice, you’ll soon be on your way to treating this toy like your new best friend; warm, comforting, and it’ll never let you down.

Cleaning is also really simple and has the luxury bag ready for it to be put away until next time.

Katy from Edinburgh

Review score 9/10

Don’t just take our word for it why not try for yourself at www.zalousa.com

Support others during and after Mental Health Week

It’s mental health week, Good mental health is fundamental to each and every one of us. If someone says they are fine- think first and act. #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek #mentalhealth #help #helpandsupport #caring

Do you have a right to sexual labels?

The hashtag “Metoo” campaign is now a long-lost memory hidden amongst the online world and  the press have stopped talking about it-which means it is no longer trendy. The worldwide campaign of standing up for women’s rights has left a sour taste amongst many men and rightly so as many people place all men under this label.

Could it be that men have been blaming women since the day of Eve? Even now many are blaming women for all of life’s disasters-look at Brexit for instance-people assume Theresa May is entirely to blame, which is far from the truth. Many men compare her to Margaret Thatcher who many say led the once bulldog bred Britain into poverty and that women can not rule the world-or is it that many just don’t understand the equality rules between men and women.

Screenshot 2019-04-08 at 17.20.39

The “Metoo” campaign was to fight out sexual abuse, not to create it. Fast forward to 2019 where sex is openly spoken about yet misinterpretated through television and media to make people think of it as a dirty word if you actually do it as a source of income. Prostitution dates back to when life began and most people are actually trading their bodies for some return in every sense of life. Therefore, have women created the problem of others calling us bitches, whores and slut’s?  If you are in a relationship you can withhold sex from a man-this makes you a bitch, if you work in the sex trade as business then you are called a whore, and if you enjoy sex and make it part of your life freely then your classed as a slut. Therefore there is no escape to being sexually labelled by both sexes.

Channel Four recently aired a production called “Mums make Porn” which I watched with dread not only because  they glamorised the porn industry by using a high-end production studio owned by “Erika Lust” which is not the true reflection of the porn industry these days, they also used inexperienced parents who know nothing about making porn making the true professionals be labeled as dirty and outcast, especially for the female performers.  Do people not realize that sex is completely natural and that some people are happy using their bodies as their work and pride themselves of it. Showing parents with no knowledge of pornography was going to cause online abuse for many performers and also to its viewers who had an opinion. Are people bad for watching porn-no, is the porn industry responsible for downloading it into your child’s sight, no. The only people responsible for bringing pornography into anyones house is the person providing the source to view the material, i.e laptops,computers and mobile phones. In my 20 years of covering the sex industry I do not know of one performer who has made a pornographic movie aimed at a child or for childrens viewing- it is called Adult entertainment for this very reason.

The point is we all are entitled to be who we choose to be and this counts in sexuality, gender, professional choices and every aspect of our lives. What others think of us is not of our concern-standing up for who we are is. If you are a sex worker it is your given right to do as you please, its your body and your decisions.

If you are the one sat at home on your computer shaming people online for their choices by leaving social media degrading comments then shame on you for being such a coward and a two faced masterbater -yes, don’t think for one minute you were forced to see a women having sex on film- it was your choice to go and abuse someone so own it. Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, group, or organization. It may include false accusations, defamation, slander and libel. It may also include monitoring, identity theft, threats, vandalism, solicitation for sex, or gathering information that may be used to threaten, embarrass or harass. Cyberstalking is a criminal offense.As a counsellor to sex workers and a mediator between sexual victims and the Met police I can happily say that if you are the one leaving sexual labelling comments of Whore, Slut or Bitch on anyone’s timeline via social media then you could be contributing to pushing them towards self loathing and addictions. This is the same for production companies who offer no support and no pay to performers to take part in their productions for their own gain which is classed as slavery.

Do you have a right to sexually label someone?

STORMY Daniels cost CBB by refusing to enter the house two hours before it goes live.

Stormy Daniels had arrived in the UK ready for her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother after long negotiations Welcomed on arrival by the wet, moist British weather, something similar to what she has experienced many times before on set I am sure.

“Hurricane Daniels” is the name I have given her after months of negotiations, ups, downs and change of mind more times than the world financial exchange rate.. pulled out 2 hours before the show was due to go live on UK television costing the channel an enormous amount of money.

I was asked in April of this year if I could contact “Stormy” and ask if she would consider appearing in this years CBB in August. Having worked beside the Adult industry for some 20 years I knew I could take this on, however I expressed my concerns from the start.

I knew it would not be easy especially with her having sucked Donald Trump in 2006 and becoming somewhat of a celebrity for it, however hard work is what I thrive on.

I’m also experienced well enough to know you can ask a top adult actress about business in the hope they will listen to you, if they don’t trust you then the door will be slammed in your face before negotiations can even start.

I work very closely with Stormy’s former friend Alana Evans who is a true professional of the industry, therfore I had no doubt stormy would undoubtedly be the same. After all who would break two legal contracts amongst such high publicity.

Unknown to me Stormy would.

A brief chat in May introducing myself to her I found her an easy women to chat with on the phone , she sounded intelligent and business like, 30 minutes later I am introducing TV agent and Stormy to start negotiations amongst themselves. I was delighted that I had tracked her down to one spot and her making time in her diary for a scheduled call with me.

The following months were not that easy, she changed her mind on the first offer of £750,000 (I use the word work loosely) for a maximum of 3.5 weeks work…. Reason being she has a book to release the end of August back in the USA.

It was eventually negotiated after lots of hard work that she would complete one week as a house guest for £200,000. Obviously it’s not as easy as just signing on a dotted line to seal the deal like others, it’s television and all kinds of paperwork and checks are involved. I know first hand this was a bloody nightmare to get her to complete and left the deal still not completed one week before the show, giving myself, the TV channel and the agent a near heart attack. . Then in true diva style she threats to pull out 12 hours before boarding a flight, throwing not only the show but everyone who has worked so damn hard on it into a meltdown, including me.

I’m lost for words on her behaviour…. I’ve never worked on a business deal like it.. Not even in the Adult industry. The last deal I remember being anything remotely near this bad was when I performed in Sex Survivor 2000 for playboy.

Fast forward to today, she arrives, does the PR video introduction for the show and all required photoshoot material ready for the launch at 9pm. I can now reveal she pulled out at 7 pm two hours before the show went live after suddenly loosing herself in a unbelievable tantrum for no reason, speculation is that it could be related to intoxication, medication, exhaustion or drugs–that can be the only explanation for her sudden change of character and abusive behaviour towards the CBB team. She was to be the star of the show–she was to be given the platform to take control and earn herself a new reputation and mainstream career. One has to ask why did she take the first class flight provided by Channel five in the first place? After five months of negotiations and giving people the run around what was her mission? If it was to prove she breaks more contracts and that her word cannot be trusted then she has concreted this in style. So much so that she has convinced top agents around the world never to want to work her.

People assume Adult stars can be high maintenance, this I don’t deny as some can, however it is only a small percentage as the rest are easy to deal with. Trust me, 20 years of experience I know.

I have flown back from the middle east for the show and to make her feel welcome, I have spent so much time on it and had many sleepless nights because of the Stormy Daniels media circus.

Is all my hard work done, no way as I have to pick up the pieces of many professional people’s trust and rebuild relationships with media that she has ruined. I will be passing on reports to industry leaders and magazines on both sides of the ocean, I hope everyone sees that even by risking the chance on her could cost them dearly.

I will not let her walk out the show and just walk away, she has no idea who she is dealing with when taking on someone like me. -after all I am British and proud of it. I spend a quantity of my time helping young women transition, trying to convince the media that adult models are not just a reflection of a lost soul and the Adult industry does have real business women. In my opinion the Adult industry made her, invested in her alongside my self and others and unfortunately now she is a women who can’t be trusted.

Being aware of unreleased details surrounding this case I will add to the blog in due course. Information has emerged which I feel is in the public interest.