HONOUR Announce top kink of UK

Honour is a well established adult brand and has been trading for 30 years. They focus on high quality products for all. They’re experienced in dealing with all sorts of kinks and provide great customer service. Bravo to Honour for making so many people across the country happy!

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The best way to describe the attractiveness of the vagina v the penis.

Jennifer Lopez is one hell of a women, great looks, body to be envious of and as I recently found out she can describe the attractiveness of the vagina better than anyone I know.

Taken from her move Gigli she describes it as-

Their form. Neck. Shoulders. Legs. Hips. I think pretty cool. Now, as far as your famous penis goes, the penis is like some sort of bizarre sea slug or like a really long toe. I mean, it’s handy. Important even. But the pinnacle of sexual design? The top of the list of erotic destinations? I don’t think so. Ones first impulse is to kiss what? To kiss the lips. Firm, delicious lips, sweet lips, surrounding a warm, moist, dizzingly scented mouth. That’s what everyone wants to kiss. Not a toe. Not a sea slug. A mouth. And why do you think that is, stupid? Because the mouth is the twin sister, the almost exact look-alike of what? Not the toe. The mouth is the twin sister of the vagina. And all creatures big and small seek the orifice, the opening, to be taken in, engulfed, to be squeezed, lovingly crushed by what is truly the all-powerful, all-encompassing. No, if it’s design you’re concerned with, hidden meaning, symbolism, power, forget the top of Mount Everest, forget the bottom of the sea, the moon, the stars, there is no place nowhere that has been the object of more ambitions, more battles than the sweet sacred mystery between a woman’s legs that I am proud to call my pussy. So I guess this is just my roundabout way of saying that it is women who are in fact the most desirable form. Wouldn’t you agree?

This is a priceless quotation from one of the most stunning women of my time. I can imagine what you are visioning her doing, so please remember she is actress!

Unfortunately no matter how much it turned him on Jennifer Lopez experienced her first real heartbreak when the Academy Award winning actor and star of Gone Girl, Ben Affleck called off their very public engagement in January, 2004.

The Katie price negative effect on young women

Screenshot 2018-08-05 at 09.11.22Katie Price has made a bizarre revelation she has intentions to make a sex tape only months after she posted a video online of herself appearing to educate teenage fans on explicit subjects in the street asking if they learnt more from her than their teachers.


Recent rumours circulating that she has plans to make another sex tape has not surprised many-even after she was investigated for revenge porn earlier this year involving Alex Reid.

The reality if you make a sex tape and when it gets out (and you should assume it will), it not only affects you, it affects your family, your friends, your acquaintances and the rest of your life and Katie should not be advertising this to her young fans. Katie needs to wake up and realise the negative impact she is having on teenagers and young women.

Her loyal fans follow her every move and it’s natural for them to think that tomorrow is another day and everything they do today will be fine tomorrow-however this is far from true in Jordan Land. What they choose to do today will affect their tomorrow, and the day after that, and the one after that too – forever. Before they know it,they will be 30 or 40 years of age, and will still be living with the consequences of the choices they make today.

Not everyone has the ability to survive the abuse and insults making a sex tape will bring and no celebrity should promote it as a way to gain more popularity,  this is why I am so passionate that every young girl should understand the effects making a sex tape could have.

Katie has sunken to an all time low to try to keep herself recognised as the nations glamour girl by making porn without understanding the responsibility she holds to young women. She has bills to pay- is rumoured to be bankrupt, Peter Andre is rumoured to be helping her out financially- I think this is to save embarrassment for his own children.

Jason Maskell, a former glamour model agent who’s now a successful entrepreneur and CEO of adultXfunding.com, revealed how the tape didn’t even rake in a huge fortune at the time, earning Katie £50,000 at the height of her career.

He said: “Katie Price, aka Jordan, has done one sex tape already and got paid very well for it.

“But, to be totally honest, the day of the sex tapes has gone due to the amount of leaked content of naked celebrities, and I mean real ones, not the UK Z-listed names.

“They may make something, but not as much as in the past. I doubt it would be the same as the £50,000 she got for her original.

Screenshot 2018-08-05 at 09.17.39Unfortunately, for her loyal fans that copycat her every move they simply overlook the context of  her decisions and actions;. and follow her decisions and actions to try to stay in the media for fame.

The impact of making porn is far wider than this and should be taken seriously. It includes making a personal choice to make a sex film, owning it and living with it long-term. Unless you have complete ownership of that footage it will be on the internet forever making someone else money and will not pay your bills, not even in the short-term.

She has made many past critical errors in her career and responsibility to her fans, one was removing her breast inplants- promoting the fact to her loyal fans- then a short time later she had them put back in again. Young women put themselves at risk to copy her.

Her publicised revenge porn on Alex Reid, her public put down of Peter Andre,  her past spats with Dane Bowers to name a few. Yes, she has done some good but this gets over shadowed by her desperate attempt to stay in the spotlight.

Remember, choices you make today will have an impact on your future. I work with many former adult stars and sex workers who try to move on. They suffer low self-esteem, isolation and lack of community skills such as interview skills, resume issues, and how to handle their past to move forward.

Your decision to make a sex tape will always be remembered. You will always be remembered for it – as “that” girl. Do not copy Katie Price.


Lianne Young

Sex and relationship counsellor for House of Ardent


Why parents are responsible for their children accessing porn.


a93ac18564d1c7e285f044ba3fa566f3Living in a digital age has brought with it many advantages for people of all ages and unfortunately with easy access to electronic devices and mobile phones it gives children free access to online pornography and and as a parent you should have safety concerns.

Qualified in online grooming and pornography- I understand how the internet is used for negative purposes and how parents need to stay vigilant. It is all too easy for adult users to pose as children in online chat rooms and gain the trust of younger children, and with modern technology it is all too easy for anyone to conceal their identities. It’s down to you as a parent to take responsibility rather than blaming others for your child entering chatrooms and accessing pornography.


Many parents are saying “pornography is damaging to our children” and I agree- however, I also know more harm is done with ignorance and blaming others instead of getting educated on the, matter, parents and teachers need to become more educated on pornography whether they like it or not.

five person holding mobile phones

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Just as you talk to your children about career options, the advice you give will depend on their age. Children use the internet for homework, research, sports, interests and social media such as ‘Facebook’, ‘Instagram’, ‘Snapchat’, ‘Tumblr’ and ‘Twitter’. Many children also share too much information on their personal lives including online payment information such as PayPal or a credit card of an older relative, unknown to them this can be stored by companies and individuals that may be operating not only the regular web but the dark web.

Pornography is freely available on ‘Twitter’ and ‘Tumblr’ and your child most likely has an account with one of these social platforms and is viewing  it. The main danger here is others can leave comments, friend, and privately send messages and with no governing body at present there is no one that can protect them but you as a parent. Trust me- many children, maybe even yours go beyond just social chatting, they are accessing and viewing online porn, messaging strangers and maybe even meeting once a connection and friendship has been made and they are most likely not telling you about it.

The things you can do as a parent varies, however at first you have to take responsibility that you are providing the device and also providing access for them. Trust me- when I say professional adult companies such as webcam and pornography market to the over 18 year olds and it is your child illegally accessing the material. In fact I can verify for the professional pornographic performers they hate the fact children (maybe your child) are trying to access their material.

It’s your responsibility as a parent to stay up with social trends, ask your child what online games they are playing, what their favorite apps are and talk to them about pornography. Imagine giving your child money and knowing they are going to a bar to drink underaged, you and they are breaking the law and it‘s no different from providing them access to the online world which has over 18 material. Google even says parents are to blame for children accessing porn and it’s got to stop being blamed on the porn industry, which does have a place in society, and back to parenting.

Pornography has been around for centuries and if you have not viewed it in any form then you are one of very few people, you may also be against it but it does have a place in society-it helps with relationships, single individuals, individuals with social interaction issues, people with mental health issues and the disabled. Everyone deserves a right to experience sexual enjoyment in which way they desire as long as its legal, what has to stop is the uneducated shift of blame to those choosing to provide entertainment for these people. 

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Why you need to take a break from your relationship

relationshipWe have all had those moments when we have said to ourselves our partner is driving us crazy, so why do we not take a break?

Taking a break from your relationship has a bad reputation, yet it could save your relationship in the long run. The first thing most people think when their partner asks for a break is that their significant other does not love them anymore, that they can’t stand to be around them and in most cases this is far from the truth.

Many people ask for relationship breaks for a variety of reasons and it usually has nothing to do with things not running smoothly, it may be because they are restless. Many men need time out from the relationships so they concentrate on themselves instead of a “we” for a while, this way they can figure out if you are the one they want to spend the rest of their lives with. The best thing you can do is not to fight with him as this will push him further away and put your relationship on the rubbish heap completely. It is perfectly normal for them to want to make the right decision especially if it is a life long commitment. Believe me men don’t just like to settle, they like to make sure they make the right decision.


1. The main reason people have breaks from relationships is because of arguing. Arguing occasionally is normal, however when it becomes constant it can be sole destroying and can harm your health and your mind. Its is said by psychology now that if you argue more than 20% of your relationship then you should definitely take a break. During the break you need to use the time to think about your own options and find ways you can avoid arguing in the fture, learn how to communicate without attacking one another again.

2. Taking a long break due to relocation or travelling is also a common reason for putting hold on your relationship. People seem to think distance will make you grow apart, however take it from me this is not always the case, I had a partner who lived 12,000 miles away and we learnt about quality time over quantity of time and it provided much-needed “me” time  to concentrate on my own ambitions and future. So if you partner wants to achieve something from his/her bucket list don’t hold them back instead support them. Of course if your partner really does want to break up then ask them straight if it is you they want to break up from or the relationship itself. You have to be brave and accept their decision if he wants to move on and use this time to invest in yourself. Remember you lose the relationship not your life.

3. People need time for reflection and it helps makes the heart grow fonder with the absence. This time will give you both a new perspective on your relationship and determine how you both really feel about one another. It is very difficult to be able to reflect on your relationships well you are actually in it so using the break time will allow you to figure out if the relationship compliments you long-term. During your time apart you can talk about the difficulties your relationship has been going through and discuss if it is really what you both want.


It can feel emotionally and physically draining when you encounter a break up, use this time to set yourself ground rules. Set time limits that you allow yourself to think about your significant other so it does not take over your whole day. I used to allow an hour a day for focusing on the relationship and by allowing myself to think about it helped me manage it better.

Make ground rules on whether you can date others during your time apart, this way you can determine what determination you both have about saving the relationship. Seeing other people during a break is not something I recommend unless you are both strong-minded people and see it as a physical connection and not an emotional one. Seeing other people during a break up does not always lead to a full-time break up, sometimes it makes someone realise how much they wish to work at the relationship, however tred carefully if you decide you can see others during this time.

The final key point is to discuss the length of the break up, you need to mark an end date on when to discuss if you are going to continue with the break up or not. During the break up do your best to be social and not to wallow in self-pity, otherwise what is the point in taking a break? Use this time to enjoy time with your friends and invest in yourself for a while.



I specialise in singles counselling therapy to help individuals during break ups and help them learn about relationships. Many people carry emotional baggage from one relationship to the text spreading the damage along the way. In every relationship we need to leave the past behind and invest in our futures. If you need help please email me.



Many people ask me if there is such a thing as SEX addiction, yes there is. Sex addiction is also known as hyper-sexuality and it can take over someone’s life and can have serious consequences because of the risks one will take to get their fix. It is a condition where an individual cannot manage their sexual behaviour, have constant sexual thoughts which affect their ability to work, find it hard to maintain relationships and the inability to maintain a normal functioning life because of sexual thoughts. 

Sex addiction is very similar to that of a drug addiction because they release the same chemicals in the brain, the only difference is drugs are substance and sex is an activity, and not getting the help you need can cause all kinds of issues such as depression, anger, anxiety and serious risk taking and unprotected sex, this is caused because the brain reward is not being met.

Sex addiction comes in many forms such as excessive use of pornography, masturbation, visiting prostitutes, excess sex and anonymous sex with strangers. This means it does not have to include penetrated sex as many assume, and neither does it mean a sex addict is a sexual predator. Sexual predators do not empathise with their victims as they do not care about their victims, they are also narcissist and usually someone who has power over others. An addict on the other hand has empathy and usually afterwards suffer self loathing which can manifest as depression or anxiety.


As there are many forms of sex addiction it also means they have different signs, however generally if someone has increasing secrecy issues with their partner, avoidance of family and loved ones, moodiness or frustration because of their sexual thoughts then this could be a sign of a sex addiction. Other signs can include:

An obsession with sex or an abnormally high sex drive

Compulsive masturbation

Persistent use of pornography

Practising unsafe casual sex

Exhibitionist or voyeurism

Becoming sexually but not emotionally involved with people you do not know and confusion between sexual attraction and love

Being involved with more than one person

Using sex to manipulate others

Destructive relationships that you keep going back too or an obsession to attract others

Jumping from one relationship to another

An awareness of your urges not matter the consequences

Sexual rage disorder, where the individual becomes distressed, anxious, restless and may turn to violence if unable to engage in their addiction

If you are concerned you may have a sex addiction the first thing is to seek help, leaving it can cause extensive damage to you and those around you. I offer complete confidential counselling and therapy sessions for individuals and couples on sex addiction.

Lianne Young

Cousellor and addictions therapist