Lianne Young CSC, CAC

Lianne mentors young women from the world of Adult entertainment who are considering jumping over to mainstream media or leaving the industry back into regular life. Having over 20 years experience of the 18industry she uses her qualifications and experiences to assist them before taking part in mainstream projects. She also helps in production counsulting.

Lianne is qualified in addictions and counselling, Infidelity and Affairs: Realities, Myths and Effective Therapies, Couples Therapy, Counterintuitive Approaches to Working More Effectively, Sexual Issues – Diagnosis and Treatments, Cybersex and Internet Sex Addictions.

Kelly Berg CSC, CAC

Kelly is qualified in counselling, model managment and the adult entertainment Industry. Over the past 12 years she has packaged her personal and professional experiences together to help other women working within and transitioning out of the adult industry. She specialises in production consulting transitioning, sexual issues and female empowerment.