• Addictions Specialist
  • Counsellor
  • Advanced counselling skills
  • Qualified in Infidelity and Affairs: Realities, Myths and Effective Therapies, 
  • Couples Therapy
  • Counterintuitive Approaches to Working More Effectively
  •  Sexual Issues – Diagnosis and Treatments
  •  Certificate in Cybersex and Internet Sex Addictions
  • Family Planning Association sex, law and policy
  • Family Planning Association sex education for teenagers
  • Family Planning STI diagnosis and treatments
  • Family Planning Association Teenage pregnancy
  • Family Planning Association sex education for boys.


Television contributions

  • Pillow Talk : Relationships expert
  • James whale show TALK RADIO  
  • Tell Vanessa TV Show : Expert on Adult Entertainment Industry
  • Help me Im dating : Writer on relationships
  • James Peerce dating expert site : Writer on dating
  • “How to Have sex after marriage” channel five : Sex expert and adviser
  • The Trisha Goddard Show : Professional Advisor
  • The Jeremy Kyle Show : Professional Adviser
  • Health and Fitness Channel : Adviser and Presenter
  • ITV : Dating the enemy
  • “sex in our city ” live charity event : Sex expert and adviser
  • November films : When women rule the world
  • Bravo TV : Sexarama expert
  • 21st century sex : Sex expert and adviser
  • BBC documentry : Female Fantasies

Current Productions

Porn Police