Lianne Young


Lianne has a caring, positive attitude and a desire to help people understand different relationships. She is dedicated to her work and always maintains the highest level of commitment to her work and her clients. Her nature is calm, collective and confident.
Lianne started her mainstream TV career in 2002 appearing on shows such as The James Whale show, The Jeremy Kyle, The Trisha Goddard show, How to have sex after marriage and several other mainstream productions as a sex and relationships advisor and pornography expert.

Beside this Lianne also works with high end adult pleasure products in promotions and marketing and to help people become more confident in discussing sexual health and pleasure.

Lianne’s main specific areas of expertise and qualifications are:

Sex and relationships


Addictions Therapist

Cybersex and Internet Sex Addiction

Infidelity and Affairs: Myths and Effective Therapies

Sexual Issues- Diagnosis and Treatments

Couples Therapy: Counterintuitive Approaches to Working More effectively

Sex, Law and Policy

Promoting Choice: Communicating about Sexual Health and Contraceptive choices with Teenage Parents

Online protection for children against addiction use, sexual predatory behaviours and how to protect yourself online.

Expert of Pornography: Sexual Deviant Behaviours and Management

(Lianne is connected with the world of Adult entertainment and regularly advises and writes articles on this subject)

Fitness and Nutrition

Fitness Instructing and Personal Training

Nutrition and Weight Management

Business Marketing for Fitness

Yoga and Mat Pilates

Exercise Motivation

Writer for GO nutrition


Advanced International Management

Business Management

Project Management

Advanced Health and Safety