Lianne Young

Lianne is a vibrant, modern, straight talking sex and relationships expert as well as a TV adviser. She started her career in Adult Entertainment in late 1998 and shortly became the notorious Queen of British Porn.  She successfully crossed over into mainstream TV in 2002 appearing on shows such as The James Whale show, The Jeremy Kyle, The Trisha Goddard show, How to have sex after marriage and several other mainstream productions as a Sex advisor and Porn Industry Expert. She has extensive media experience having worked for ITV, Channel 4, Channel Five, Bravo and several other channels around the world.

She is qualified in Counselling, Sex and Relationship Therapy, Sex Education and Addiction Therapy. She also has additional qualifications in Advanced Fitness and International Business.

Liann is a also a prolific writer having written for several dating sites such as James Peerce (UK top Dating Coach), Help me Im’dating and her own blog site right here. Lianne is also recording and due to launch her own Erotica Audio Line shortly.

Her audience range can reach several million via her connections in Adult and Mainstream media.

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