Kelly Berg



Pornography Expert and counsellor  Kelly Berg formerly worked in the Adult Entertainment Industry which makes Kelly an asset to have on board with us. Kelly is a professional business women who was mentored by Lianne before qualifying as a counsellor. Kelly has worked for the past 12 years packaging her personal and professional experiences together to help other women. Kelly specialises in Adult Entertainment transitioning, Sexual issues and Female empowerment. Her unique understanding of why, and how to deal with one’s past and future experiences make her a unique educator for victims of sexual discrimination.

Kelly has worked very hard to achieve this in order to help others. Her expertise is Sex, Law, Policy and Counselling to make a positive influence to an industry that needs someone specific to turn too. She offers one-on-one and group support to people

Kelly has a caring, positive attitude and a desire to help people understand how pornography affects people and how this can be managed. She is dedicated to her work and always maintains the highest level of commitment.