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The Live Vagina Facelift

The First Vagina Facelift

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Vagina Rejuvenation -A facelift for the vagina

Over the last 20 years cosmetic surgery has risen at a substantial rate for both men and women who are wanting to maintain their youthful appearance, yet there is one area that provides both sexual and emotional satisfaction for women which is being ignored. The female sex area is one place that needs to be… Continue reading Vagina Rejuvenation -A facelift for the vagina

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Porn Star “Shame”.

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” Once again, the headlines feature high end escort, Valerie Fox making accusations of assault against a celebrity while under the influence of alcohol. Her previous headlines were around accusations against British Politician Nigel Farage and them "not… Continue reading Porn Star “Shame”.

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How to educate your child about pornography

I was aware many years ago through my own personal experiences that porn was going to become a problem for children when the internet exploded. Knowing I had the experiences and information I hold is why I decided to do something about it and become educated in Sex, Law and Policy, Addictions and Sex Education, little… Continue reading How to educate your child about pornography

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Porn effects on a child’s brain

The world is now a place where everything is available at the click of a finger, where ignorant parental control is high, and teenagers are given a iPad to keep them quiet and now nearly all children have mobile phones and can freely access the internet. It is estimated that around 80% of 13 year olds… Continue reading Porn effects on a child’s brain

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Shoe string Porn Marketing

Being part of the Pornographic industry in the late 90s was very lucrative for models and is now known as the good old days of porn, the years of DVDs and contract girls made the industry a pure money-making industry full of glamour, smiles and bulging bank accounts. Female models made 350 pounds per shoot… Continue reading Shoe string Porn Marketing

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Porn Star Statistics

There are many things over looked in Porn, statistics being one of them. Did you know 53% of Female Porn Stars have tattoos compared to that of male Porn Stars that have only 20.4, and that 40% of Female Porn Stars have piercings and only 10% for the Males. Male and Female performers differ greatly… Continue reading Porn Star Statistics