My Detention Centre Journey

It’s pouring with rain outside, the palm trees are blowing furiously ¬†well the sea wall takes bashing from the 100 mph waves. No one would believe I am on the luxury island of Bali, Indonesia. Trust me I can’t believe it myself. Right this minute I should be sat in a classroom in Perth, Western Australia studying my last course which will give me freedom … Continue reading My Detention Centre Journey

Yes please doc! New health prescriptions

Like all parents, mine told me that if I ate ‘an apple a day’ it would keep the doctor at bay. Well, it didn’t work. And over the years, I’ve visited many a doctor and responded to the usual array of enquiries whether I smoked, drank, exercised, did drugs etc… And, of course, no matter how I replied, I would be advised to change my lifestyle in … Continue reading Yes please doc! New health prescriptions