Make yourself sweat for sexyness!

The lustful moisture we release when we exercise has now become a turn on for many. Strength, determination and high sex hormones are now in massive demand and people are more egare than ever before to build up a sweat. It seems to be working well on attracting the opposite sex too as it produces extra endophines. Not that I am the slightest bit interested … Continue reading Make yourself sweat for sexyness!

How to break your sugar addiction

Whatever your views on sugar, one thing we can all agree on is that it causes us to put on weight. What’s worse, it is so addictive it’s virtually harder to give up than crack. Well, so I am told. Seriously, I have no problem buying the biggest bar of Dairy Milk chocolate and eating it all in one sitting. And I could easily eat even more … Continue reading How to break your sugar addiction

Fitness Fridays

  10 years ago I was overweight and unhealthy. Like nearly everyone, I found it easy to find an excuse not to exercise – “I don’t have time,” “I have the kids”, “I have no gym kit”, “I’m tired”, “ I can’t afford it” and “I’m in pain” etc….  Yes, I’ve used all of them, and then some. I was working in media at the time and the world was my oyster – … Continue reading Fitness Fridays

How to eliminate toxic people from your life.

Each and everyone one of us has a breaking point, the point when we say enough is enough, the time we have to tell ourselves we can take no more and we put up boundaries to protect ourselves. Toxicity is when someone is causing hurt or damage to our lives and if they are toxic you have to deal with them accordingly. Too many people are willing … Continue reading How to eliminate toxic people from your life.

Yes please doc! New health prescriptions

Like all parents, mine told me that if I ate ‘an apple a day’ it would keep the doctor at bay. Well, it didn’t work. And over the years, I’ve visited many a doctor and responded to the usual array of enquiries whether I smoked, drank, exercised, did drugs etc… And, of course, no matter how I replied, I would be advised to change my lifestyle in … Continue reading Yes please doc! New health prescriptions

Natural, not plastic, is fantastic

The facts about undergoing so-called budget surgery overseas, particularly in Asia, are finally coming to light. They make it clear how important it is for everyone to think long and hard about the risks compared with the benefits before making the decision to go under the knife in the hope of improving themselves and saving a few quid. Recently, there have been an number of high profile people who have … Continue reading Natural, not plastic, is fantastic