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Porn Star Statistics

There are many things over looked in Porn, statistics being one of them. Did you know 53% of Female Porn Stars have tattoos compared to that of male Porn Stars that have only 20.4, and that 40% of Female Porn Stars have piercings and only 10% for the Males. Male and Female performers differ greatly… Continue reading Porn Star Statistics

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My Detention Centre Journey

It's pouring with rain outside, the palm trees are blowing furiously ¬†well the sea wall takes bashing from the 100 mph waves. No one would believe I am on the luxury island of Bali, Indonesia. Trust me I can't believe it myself. Right this minute I should be sat in a classroom in Perth, Western… Continue reading My Detention Centre Journey

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The key to happiness with a dirty past.

Indeed, there is a strong educational principle that goes broadly along the lines that "If you haven't made a mistake, then you haven't been trying!" In light of the fact that we all make mistakes, isn't it curious that people are very quick to judge. And they often do so without first considering whether they are as… Continue reading The key to happiness with a dirty past.

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The difference between Arousal and Desire

There is a very important difference between the two. Arousal is physiological, it goes on in the body. Arousal happens when nipples get erect, the penis starts twitching, then it becomes fully erect, the vagina starts pulsing and becoming moist and wet. Arousal also happens when you get flushed in the face and when your… Continue reading The difference between Arousal and Desire

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Bodyimage myths and truths

Most of us think we are pretty sophisticated when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, we are aware that people come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Of course, we are not all a perfect size ten, or even slightly resemble a Victoria Secrets model, and neither would many of us want… Continue reading Bodyimage myths and truths

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What is a real Porn Addict?

Similar to someone with a drink or drug addiction, porn addicts tend to replace important relationships and commitments with their drug of choice, pornography. It's a compulsive and consistent sexual problem which will manifest in many ways. You can easily recognise if you are becoming a porn addict as you will isolate yourself from others,… Continue reading What is a real Porn Addict?


You’ve met you match.. how to keep it alive

Most men and women love nothing better than seeing their partner happy. It gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside But it can be intimidating, particularly early on in a relationship, to know even what to say, let alone to know what makes the other happy. All kinds of awkward situations arise from time to… Continue reading You’ve met you match.. how to keep it alive