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My Detention Centre Journey

It's pouring with rain outside, the palm trees are blowing furiously  well the sea wall takes bashing from the 100 mph waves. No one would believe I am on the luxury island of Bali, Indonesia. Trust me I can't believe it myself. Right this minute I should be sat in a classroom in Perth, Western… Continue reading My Detention Centre Journey

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 Say it as it is.. Tuesday

Every Tuesday, Lianne at ‘House of Ardent’ will answer problems on sex, relationships and life. ‘Truthful Tuesdays’ is an opportunity to address any questions you may have. If you want Lianne’s advice please email  lianne@houseofardent.co.uk   Lianne I am in a 25-year-old guy who is in a long distance relationship and it is tearing me apart. I… Continue reading  Say it as it is.. Tuesday