Giorgia Ratta

Lianne has been a saviour for me when seeking help for my lifestyle and relationships. She truly has made me feel like a new women which has helped me discover my true self, I now feel more confident than ever  in who I am. I highly recommend contacting her with your issue and also reading her amazing articles which provide amazing information.


Having known lianne over 30yrs and knowing what she’s been through in life,I can honesty say know one is better qualified in her fields…. She has the knowledge and experience to help so many… That knowledge and experience was gained the hard way not from books or hearsay …
For others to learn of the perils in this life.. someone has to be a pioneer and suffer the consequences first.We all make mistakes in life, its those that learnt from them that can pass on the lessons and harsh realities.
Lianne will be first to admit she’s made mistakes. Hard fought and paid the price..but she never buried them away with shame..She learnt from them. When you learn you don’t make the same mistake twice.. and you’ve earned the rite to tell the tale.Especially in her fields of expertise.
Times are a changing and modern day society is in turmoil… If you think otherwise your not living in the real world.
Let’s be brutally honest , sexual exploitation and abuse are at the root of all evils at every level.. since the dawn of time.
To often and so easily swept under the carpet.. We even gave that action a name TABOO…
Pornography today is not something you hide under the bed or a dirty secret,
its an annoying ad its a pop up.. to the kids of today it’s the norm.. and it’s sure not taboo.
The digital age has created a whole new monster, that influences and deceives..
and that creates real monsters..
I honestly don’t think lianne knows her worth and how much her lifes experiences can help and aid others…Coupled with a kind caring nature and genuine heart…She can offer so much to help and educate others.
She needs to be heard..! she needs to start shouting..! ..She shouts loud enough people will take notice.. and with the help of others her voice will become louder..and taken evermore seriously…
Sexual education and the effects of free flowing pornography urgently need
The only way to do that is by educating .
In 1918 this country mourned the loss of so many…who died for the morals of this country… Morals that were installed via education.
Today society is morally bankrupt..
Lack of or no modern day education to address it..! it won’t get any better.
This doesn’t just apply to lianne ..there are plenty of others society was so quick to write off, judge and ridicule…. But
Knowledge is power…and it’s their knowledge that can save societies wife’s daughter’s and loved ones from the same mistakes.
I know lianne and others like her can make a huge difference to so many for the right reasons..
I see too much suffering and abuse daily.. Suffering that could have been avoided with the right advice and help .
With support lianne and her organisations can make a huge difference..
Her cause is for good of others..
I can only encourage that..
Now your probably asking why..?
Because I speak from the street as a parent and from the real world..
You know I’m right lianne..and so will anyone who reads this and that lives in reality..
Help Her Be Heard…not judged..
Or the jokes on us I’m afraid..

Chris N

Lots of very interesting topics covered written by a very amazing and talented young lady well worth following this page. Highly recommend.


Interesting and thought provoking. Every time I visit this page I find something that engages me.